Tokyo Olympic Games is deferred to Spring 2021 is evaluate to rescue life delay cost to wait for

Tokyo Olympic Games is deferred to Spring 2021 is evaluate to rescue life delay cost to wait for

Bach of chairman of international Olympic committee expresses 24 days, world Health Organization states pneumonic craze is developing new coronal quickly, bring about them to decide to defer Tokyo Olympic Games, and deferring is to save life.

After conference of times telephone of Jin Sanjin travel is being installed with Japanese premier in Bach, both sides reachs consensus, decide the Tokyo Olympic Games that held on August 9 at coming on July 24 this year formerly, change the date comes after 2020, but do not hold at the date Spring 2021 behindh

and. From this, tokyo Olympic Games becomes contemporary Olymp

ic 124 years on the history, the Olympic Games that first delay holds.

Accepting when interviewing, bach says, executive Board of international Olympic committee agreed he and install times reached this altogether to know.

This is to save life. Bach says.

He still says, still do not have the cost that with An Beijin Olympic Games of 3 discussion Tokyo adjourns.

Current, the specific date with Tokyo new Olympic Games is not definite still, bach expresses: Be in (with how times) telephone conference after two hours, I cannot give you an affirmatory answer. This is why we decide need is least all around will evaluate these issues, and the problem still is these not merely.

Next, coordination Committee of international Olympic committee and Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee will be worn hand formulate holds date newly.

After epidemic situation happening, international Olympic committee ever all the time firm say Tokyo Olympic Games is held as scheduled, luo Sang local time 22 days, they express to will be in future all around make final decision, and delay is equipment choosing plan. But the pressure that comes from each subsequently and come, as aggravation of multilateral epidemic situation, contest of Olympic Games qualification cancels because of epidemic situation, training of a few athletes prepares for war cannot ensure. Everybody asks the voice that defers the Olympic Games is louder and louder.

Bach says epidemic situation is in of late of the whole world diffuse, let them have other option hardly, can defer the Olympic Games only. (river of prince of bright of reporter female singer)

Original title: Bach: Deferring Tokyo Olympic Games is to save life responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling