Wisdom of an anticipatory actin and want to take gold: Can the ball of catching China player do not receive before

The world pinged contest mixes double semifinal to end 2021, wisdom of an anticipatory actin and / 3-2 of early Tian Xina beats Lin Gaoyuan / Zhang An enters finals, look into the decisive battle with Sun Ying Sha and Wang Chuqin, wisdom of an anticipatory actin and since be hit into finals to want to take gold,express, as long as with teammate hundred play, seize gold likely.

Semifinals also is to hit 3 fold, two pairs of combination make inning of decide the issue of the battle all the time, final an anticipatory remark wisdom and / early Tian Xina is

hit so that have aggressive sex more, 11-2 takes bureaus of next decide the issue of the battle easily, big score 3-2 wins out, took finals entrance ticket.

Accept after contest interview, wisdom of an anticipatory actin and self-confidence spoke winning tar

get, although be very tough competition, but can winning victory is too good really. Elder people created great history, since come to finals, I want to take gold namely. The bully gas that compares an anticipatory actin appears, japanese media states early cropland is very undemonstrative before magnesium light lamp, both sides is hit so that have imposing manner very much, I hope to be able to enjoy finals well finally.

When be being interviewed after wisdom of an anticipatory actin and contest also answer dish semifinals, smooth to preceding be chased after by adversary below the circumstance in big score 2-0, wisdom of an anticipatory actin and say: Backhand expression of Lin Gaoyuan promotes gradually, the error plus Zhang An is very few also, and oneself this moment also appears error, I feel the 4th bureau is hit OKly still, the 3rd bureau is developed bad.

Should be asked about to whether think oneself and Chinese team have an advantage to battle before finals, wisdom of an anticipatory actin and give out positive result: How many meeting has a few, on this match I become can the ball of catching China player, cannot receive a ball all the time before the Olympic Games. Have two China player this, the ball power that Wang Chuqin makes is far over me. I am met more the preparation of effort, won't give out a soft ball, the ball spends everybody very fast.

The reporter expresses to be the same as Wang Chuqin and match of Sun Ying Sha, also be compeer competition, wisdom of an anticipatory actin and say: Although be compeer, but they compare me actually big 34 years old, so I think my level is very high. Since enter finals, the opportunity that both sides gains the championship is equal, if I and partner can issue hundred standard, organic meeting gains the championship, so I am met certainly hammer and tongs.

Original title: Wisdom of an anticipatory actin and say to mix double want to seize golden: ? ∈ of  of discharge of young ≈ of Fu of heart Xuan exterminate is worth the responsibility editor that does not receive before that Gu? : Li Xiaoling