Woods beats Ke Ersen of old rival rice to raise money epidemic situation of antagonism of money of be apt to of 20 million dollar

Woods beats Ke Ersen of old rival rice to raise money epidemic situation of antagonism of money of be apt to of 20 million dollar

Florida city compares Woods of mulberry heart tiger to beat Feiermikeersen again suddenly. Advocate 82 beautiful make one's rounds that fight surpass champion winner Woods is advanced 6 holes accumulative total is tremendous advantage, it is final in game of charity of Capital One champion beat old rival with the advantage of one hole Mikeersen, the match in all procuration epidemic situation of new coronal of antagonism of money of be apt to of 20 million dollar.

This field charity surpasses attend at present of player associate with, Mikeersen to part partner NFL quarterback Peidumanning and Shangmubuleidi.

Our assemble hereat, weigh the people raise the wind of the influence to those getting that epidemic situation fathers, this thing is extremely good, say of five at present. Tom and admire pause, I to their uncover. This is the field that belongs to golf, also be our job. We are unthinkable going comparing a sports meet to rugger field is how.

Woods and Mikeersen are on contest of beautiful make one's rounds divide a Guan Yajun 9 times in all, and such wonderful perform again to be in the medal golf club of weekday definitely. The beneficent contest of Yi of this starlight Yi besides member of hall of these two celebrity is aided blast outside, gu Siting holds Mass in the palm is the person that held the position of the spot to write down more one duty, popular scien

ce card participated in raise the wind of TV living broadcast. The match still includes the lane such as the golf cart of player theme and farthermost distance and the closest flagpole to challenge.

To Tom and me, we are honoured to be able to take part in the match on invitation very much, we will be remembered well forever and cherish this match, graceful peace say.

Woods and Manning are advanced 9 holes performance is strong, preceded 3 balls hole, all these in standard lever from Woods the 3rd hole of 5 lever captures birdie to begin.

In hole of 4 184 3 lever, if graceful peace has the long bird that the god aids to push, the advantage that is able to allow tiger and Manning expands further. 6 holes, depending on the advantage letting lever of the player that cross a boundary, manning harvests clean lever birdie

, leave one town again. Before 6 holes them 2 people won 3 holes to precede.

But Mikeersen and lay mines enlighten movement power after 9 holes begin to improve, contest is made by 4 people 4 ball game turn it is the 4 people after reforming form of two ball game. To watch the interest sex of contest, 4 players are serving the bully on the stage, both sides chooses optimal ball later, again by turns stroke a ball, till spherule enters a hole.

The distance that Mikeersen calls 342 in 11 holes is direct mountain of the fruit on one lever, and lay mines enlighten with write down Sunday run push rod to take next eagle. 14 holes, tiger / the push rod protecting handkerchief that graceful peace combination did not push two feet, mikeersen recovers one hole again. Finally 4 holes tiger / graceful peace combination stood fast the advantage of 1 hole, won last victory.

My teammate dug 9 holes after good shot of a few lever, mikeersen evaluates lay mines enlighten, latter is hit in the 7th hole wonderful one lever. We very the inferior position that goes making up for early days hard, I have a bit insecurity, stretch tight a bit closely. But his expression flares full-court also hits a lot of good shot, final result is very adjacent.

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