Wu Lei wasted " big single-broadsword event " goal barren already lasted 326 days

To forward, the goal can bring self-confidence. But conversely if, long-term goal barren can let forward lose self-confidence. In Spaish 1-0 small in the battle that gets the better of royal societ

y, wu Lei is in the match eventually dish always wasted a big single-broadsword event. This painful miss good opportunity, won't be helpful for Wu Lei fostering confidence apparently.

Be opposite a royal s

ociety when, wu Lei is changed after Spaish 1-0 is banner. When the 82nd minute, wu Lei gained the opportunity of big single-broadsword event. The road in Detuomasi sends wonderful pass continuously, wu Lei from high speed is inserted on the right side of its on. Depending on the advantage on speed, wu Lei will defend the player is swung completely in back, there is door of the other side only before him Leimiluo.

But right now Wu Lei, appeared however special amateurish error. Be in time of ball when entering penalty area, wu Lei one foot wades the ball big, rubber ball rolled thunder rice Luo Huaizhong directly. In miss this to notch after good chance, deep sigh of day of fierce Lei raise, appear quite depressed.

Wu Lei this battle is a reserve come on the stage, he is nonexistent on physical ability any short board. Wade the ball when high speed sprint big, it is certain that this can be explained to be fierce Lei basic skill and ball feeling to still existing only problem. Going up round of Jiataidebi is medium, wu Lei ever sent write down excellent carry pass, he returns nearly to be before end of a show absolutely Pingbasa. Chinese fan just saw bit of dawn, tonight as a result Wu Lei's expression makes a person quite disappointed again.

In " daily sports signs up for " in the grading after contest, wu Lei took entire line 4 minutes of lowest only. He ever had the opportunity that kills the match, but wade the ball too far, he did not kick an actual level apparently. " daily sports signs up for " evaluate Wu Lei so. Wu Lei is Spaish burst open the door last time, want restrospect to in kingly on January 6 cup, his goal barren had lasted 326 days. In Bensaijixi in armour league matches, wu Lei comes on the stage 12 times in have first 3 times to send only, his foreground in Spaish is to make a person hopeful do not rise really.

Original title: Wu Lei is superexcellent single-broadsword event is unusual wade big too depressed! Ball barren already lasted 326 days responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling