Zhanmusi takes next career the 101st times position of 3 pairs of 3 volleyball old hats is astonishing

Beijing time on December 13, lake person is in advocate field 106-94 conquer is magic, strap Braun – Zhanmusi 20 cast 12 in take 10 secondary attack of 11 backboard, still send a lid the cap, took career the 101st times 3 pairs, he is in in the past 3 3 pairs are taken twice in field.

Le Bulang still needs big package to be pulled greatly in lake person after regression, and he and power little adjusted old issue still did not get settlement. Benchangbi surpasses a bureau, le Bulang played the effect below attack basket, lead lake person to with a bang give 9-3 to leave bureau, but rhythm of person of the lake after time-out is destroyed, be as long as 3 minutes to do not have any notching, was hit a 10-0.

Cannot live firmly rhythm is lake person the problem of this sports season platitude, magic hold in second half section windward, le Bulang also appears error and foul, fail to notch again.

The person strengthened the 2nd section lake

to defend, le Bulang is performed chase after body old hat, be in power line of the belt after little end exceeded score instead, not only the breakthrough finishs 2+1, still hit with tower gram in quick attack buckle basket to cooperate, and clever Du Biao of secondary attack dust enters 3 minutes. Before half of a game or contest ends magic and successive outer line is procurable, pull open score again soon, le Bulang always is continuously finally below basket attack into (include power fill after little forge iron basket) , just recover a few, his half of a game or contest 8 cast 5 in take 7 bank 3 secondary attack.

The second half head Lebulang uses the bout to write down 3 minutes to break even score, subsequently he removes a condition after exterior line reentry, one person takes 9 minutes repeatedly, complete by individual ability. 8 minutes of 51 seconds, tall difficulty of Le Bulang reentry is admired after middle distance, lake person prevents error of accept of case giving tile again, le Bulang hits secondary attack tower to overcome violent wind to enter instead, suspend succeed add rhythm, receive power little quick attack passes a ball to buckle basket procurable, he already almost the force drive of one person a 25-4 (become 29-4 finally) , amid created 19 minutes directly, special Jing is colourful.

Hit by Lebulangche hey, demon animal is passed to buckle basket easily to notch in person caboodle again after the basket on close over adversary again. Lake person pulls open cent difference, section end he again Er of close over divi

sion – Anthony, build in strike back foul, jing dropped audience chin.

3 Lebulang after passing take 8 bank 6 secondary attack, efficiency is worth + 22. The 4th Lebulang still enters the court made period of time, after all lake person is stabilized not quite really, again much advantage also does not have chart. After 7 minutes should be being taken repeatedly between magic section as expected, divided difference to be narrowed 12 minutes.

Person of the lake after time-out still must rely on the Lang Biao that strap cloth to live firmly into 3 minutes condition, however magic came feel, to finally 4 minutes need branch chase after a remnant 10 minutes. Person treating a lake straps cloth so Lang Zaixin is tired also can immerse oneself in only work, in secondary attack violent wind enters Lifusi three hind, he robs next bank again in 3 minutes of 06 seconds, rely on quick attack quickly the breakthrough is procurable, take Benchangdi 30 minutes. After that he successive two bouts secondary attack power fall less in basket notch, this ability lock gets the better of lake person surely bureau.

Original title: Zhan Huang changeover of the 101st 3 double dictate breathtaking responsibility compiles position of 3 volleyball old hat: Li Xiaoling