Zhanmusilebulang is reviewed ” patristic ” congratulation acts the leading role Aerpaxinuo birthday is happy

Zhanmusilebulang is reviewed ” patristic ” congratulation acts the leading role Aerpaxinuo birthday is happy

Because sports season of epidemic situation NBA is immersed in backwater, nevertheless some players are quite active on the network, strap Braun for instance, he is sent on gregarious media constantly a few comprehend, now, he reviewed his a few matches not only, still celebrate removed Er of well-known actress A – Pa

xinuo’s birthday.

Before strapping Braun to send two years he is representing a knight today the much graph of the one battle that crucial ball contributes in the contest after the season to pedestrian, include teammate to celebrate a victory, he howls to fan celebrate


As a result of period of this paragraph of epidemic situation, a lot of players reviewed the match of many pasts in the home, apparent Lebulang saw his classical campaign, of course, he watchs the game not only, still see a movie, he reviewed famous motion picture again when training recently ” patristic ” , lebulang also is Er of A of congratulant film main actor today – Paxinuosheng day is happy.

Birthday joy! ! History go up the most crackajack! ! You are me love most history on the most crackajack actor is done not have probably one of. The Michael Er that you act – Ke Liang is the shadow history part that I love most absolutely. Le Bulang expresses so.

Well-known, le Bulang likes very much ” patristic ” series movies, watch repeatedly constantly, he watchs it is reported the number of this series movies considers, it is special to the film it is thus clear that loved. And the horny hue of amid personate becomes Paxinuo classical, also was to produce the show with superexcellent career of him movie and TV at the same time.

Nowadays Paxinuo already 80 years old, still active encircle in movie and TV, quite evergreen. And Lebulang goes after great way to still also do not have cease in NBA career, person of this sports season lake is to gain the championship big popular, if restore sports season, the Lang Youxi that strap cloth hopes to add individual honor again.

Original title: Change confuse younger brother! Does LBJ give birth to: for patristic handkerchief Xi Nuoqing? Fly display hairpin to wake by an ancient wind instrument responsibility of wild rice? edits: Li Xiaoling