2019 worlds woman team of China of 9 balls tounament beans of beans of 1 person week takes surplus semifinals

2019 worlds woman team of China of 9 balls tounament beans of beans of 1 person week takes surplus semifinals

In the 2019 Hainan that just end 3 inferior world woman in quarterfinal of 9 balls tounament, national group 3 gain the championship greatly popular slip together iron Lu, be completely annihilated, only week beans beans carries Chinese player big banner alone. This also is a woman the infrequent picture that 9 balls world appears since bright and beautiful game is old.

Last night 16 give heat by force, chinese mainland player holds half of country, people make final conclusion early: Contract occurrence China army group again 8 strong cases. After nevertheless two rounds of matches today midday end, appeared however another extreme. Near future champion takes the case that precedes in full-court to the Chen Saiming of be irresolute when firmness is needed, strong ball respect is out of order one after another, 8-9 suffers week beans beans breaks up dish, do not have a predestined relationship unexpectedly 8 strong! In addition, s

i Chun 9-7 of Austrian cheetah Europe beats Zhang Mu to beautiful, also change the impression that people loses surely to hand of ball of China of her meet unexpectedly. The others a few matches, pigeon, Aimite grabs luxuriant and beautiful of end bureau changeover to pull child and Wang Wanling respectively, national group is other

Sha of 3 generals Fu Xiaofang, Han Yu, Liu Sha is light reach a standard.

Afternoon at 2 o'clock, 4 matches open the quarterfinal at the same time dozen, in the dark horse that does not see more in nearly a few days of matches, give big move in this round of hold back eventually. A match that takes the lead in ending, triumphant Li Fei Xue uses fast internal heat the fastest speed 9-5 beats Liu Sha Sha, take the lead in push forward 4 strong. Back-to-back, the week beans beans that earlier expression surpasses to owe beautiful outside the meeting lets a person be surprised once more, 9-5 conquer defends rain of crown champion Han. Come so, originally the half area that can weighs to die, week beans beans depends on the force of oneself to solve two Azrael, with semifinal of evening of the join forces that expend snow.

Present as leading role to go up alone the Fu Xiaofang of half area also is chased hard not if really, desertion finally oneself are good strive for the strong ball opportunity that procrastinates to grab end bureau not easily. Open the big score of the bureau to lag behind make her final 7-9 not enemy Europe Si Chun go no further. In addition, as Philippine veteran Lu Bilin pigeon of beat easily of Amy spy 9-5, 4 strong in the center put battle idea only one person carries thick Zhou Dou beans an old standard of Chinese army group.

Semifinals is premonitory

16: Amy of 00 Lu green jade forest is special Ou Sichun of VS Gu Siming

19: 00 triumphant Li expend beans of snow VS week

Direct seeding of CCTV5+ of semifinals, final, pay close attention to please.

Original title: Woman 9 balls world group of nation of bright and beautiful contest 8 be completely annihilated by force Zhou Dou beans carries old standard responsibility to edit alone: Li Xiaoling