2020cba stars completely on the weekend game time + fare of voting passageway address is highest 1080 yuan

2020cba stars completely on the weekend game time + fare of voting passageway address is highest 1080 yuan

CBA complete star was being surpassed on the

weekend 2020 will on January 11, 2020 - 12 days of Guangzhou gymnasium that are in Guangzhou city are held, the complete star of this sports season on the weekend, besides astral acute contest, individual contest, complete star is being surpassed, increased 1V1 bullfight contest and name newly still to lodge for the night 3 minutes PK contest, interest sex rises a lot of.

CBA starred contest player elect by ballot ends completely 2020 time is on December 27, 2019 midday 12 when, hou Xuanqiu member to end CBA convention surpasses an end the 13rd round, come on the stage on average the player that time reachs above 15 minutes, after every rounds of match ends later, update come on the stage on average time obtains player information of 15 minutes.

Head the member that serve and number of 1V1 player ticket announce day to be respectively on December 13, on December 20, time is that day 12:00. 2. Final a member that serve and 1V1 player list and ticket are counted will on December 27 14:00 in CBA platform of each government socialization is announced.

2020cba stars completely address of voting on the weekend passageway: Https://cbastar.ronghuiad.com/ ? From=groupmessage Isappinstalled=0

It is reported, the entrance ticket of complete star contest of CBA is highest 1080 yuan of RMBs, much taller than Cba entrance ticket.

Relevant news

Zheng Shuang hits Call for Sun Yue! Beijing time on December 23 midday, the small video that Sun Yue atelier sent a paragraph of Zheng Shuang to be Sun Yue complete star to play a bank note on small gain.

CBA complete star will be held ceremoniously in Guangzhou on the weekend, I will hit Call for Sun Yue, it is the athlete that loves in your heart to cheer together with me, poll for them. Famous act ar

t star Zheng Shuang is in video say.

Sun Yue condition is hot recently, successive two notch more than 20+ , besides notch, sun Yue is defending the contribution of end is larger, the chaffy dish of monkey elder brother of mark sex almost every rounds perform.

Besides Zheng Shuang, beijing bishop drills Mabuli also is Sun Yue to play a bank note, a serve member that expressing the play on Sun Yue field to prove he answers is complete star.

Sun Yue this sports season accuses a team to give fight for north 19, all contribute 13.1 minutes 4.1 secondary attack cover a cap 1.2 times.

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