Bai Renxin advocate effective Kudiniao calls handsome tactics Fulike bring a change for team

Bai Renxin advocate effective Kudiniao calls handsome tactics Fulike bring a change for team

This sports season joins in Kudiniao accepts Brazilian star of Bai Ren 25 days when Munich place media is interviewed, right advocate handsome Fulike admires substantially, though

t to a lot of tactics are made change since Fulike takes over team, and very be successful.

In De Jia 4:0 of the 12nd round of Bai RenIn the match that gets the better of Dusaierduofu, kudiniao infiltrated he is in the 3rd goal of De Jia. I try hard redound bishop practice is trustful to mine. Kudiniao says, team condition is first-rate now, the tactics that can carry out a bishop completely to drill is decorated. To Fulike, the member tha

t do not have team to the other side is applied it is particularly important to press. We are established early get the better of bureau, cause a lot of troubles to adversary. We did not think of so can fast lock decides a victory.

Do obeisance to Ren Zaide armour the 10th round the accidentally 1:5 in the matchDisastrous defeat after Frankfurt, fulike replaces Kewaji to become team bishop to drill. After this, bai Ren is obtained 3 Lian Sheng, the conquer in including to be surpassed in Europe coronal group subfamily of abstruse Lin Pi this, and in heart of league matches country the 4:0 in comparingGet the better of Duotemengde greatly. Current Bai Ren and a list of names posted up promote case first times to pull the distance of heart Bach to differ 1 minute only.

Kudiniao of 27 years old expresses, fulike has a lot of changes on tactics. He pays attention to the harmonious sex of team particularly, maintain maximum pressure to adversary, make the other side cannot enter his rhythm. Very apparent, we carried out such tactics on field. From at the beginning the intention that we understand him, no matter be attendant,go up or be in bathhouse.

Kudiniao still spoke very highly of Fulike runs skill in what condense popular feeling respect. He is being become get along very well with us when trainer, there was results apparently now. Kudiniao says, he lets every player believe, it how is important that they have to team, go up at this o’clock he is held out it seems that gifted. Look now, the advantage on personnel administration gets actual effect on field.

In tactical system of Kewaji, kudiniao and in Mu Le of field high-ranking officer is very few at the same time attendant on appear, and in on one round of match, two people develop even the line mighty power. I had said a lot of times, I am willing and Mu Le a kickball. He is Bai Ren is indispensable, marvelous player, have experience, gifted. He has his capacity, I have my capacity, important is me two should form resultant force for team. (reporter Liu )

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