Cling to Sa official is pushed by pilfer two this " Guan Xuan " Neimaer is returned to + the chairman finishs class

Cling to Sa off

icial is pushed by pilfer this twice Neimaer returns to Guan Xuan + the chairman finishs class

Be in cling to after Sa 2-1 beats the competition that hertz tower expends, cling to Sa official is pushed by pilfer, this the hacker released a piece of Neimaerjia directly alliance cling to the placard of Sa, this is cling to Sa official is pushed already last time by pilfer hind, produce similar case again, the official is pushed declare will spread out network safety to investigate, avoid by black incident recurrent.

Push in the official by black after a few minutes, cling to Sa eventually new control controlled active right. Cling to Sa official pushs cutout besides above a few messages, express to will launch investigation to network safety. This hacker organizes OurMine, still once black cross official of Olympic Games Organizing Committee to push.

Spring 2017, ourMine ever passed cling to Sa official is pushed. On August 23, 2017, ourMine is controlled cling to Sa official is pushed, announce Dimaliya to join in. Ba Sazheng is seeking successor for Neimaer at that time, go very nearly with Dimaliya for a time. Be refuted a rumor in this matter after two days, cling to Sa fell to ascend Bei Lai with respect to formal autograph.

The netizen spits groove in succession: Intensity

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