Commemorative Chinese ascends a Mount Everest 60 years first 5200 meters of informal discussions hold height above sea level

Commemorative Chinese ascends a Mount Everest 60 years first 5200 meters of informal discussions hold height above sea level

Xinhua News Agency on May 11 report 11 days, the Chinese ascends a Mount Everest 60 years first informal discussion and team of congratulatory Tibet mountain-climbing establish an informal discussion 60 years, in altitude 5200 meters Mount Everest base camp is held.

This the informal discussion is mountaineered by bureau of sports of the Xizang Autonomous Region, China association is sponsorred jointly. The Chinese ascended a Sang Zhu of Mount Everest team member again 1975, 14 height above sea level of world of Chinese Tibet ascend team member of expedition of height of 8000 meters of above Cirenduoji, edge the athlete of older generation mountain-climbing such as criterion of Bazaxi, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, and sports, mapping and media group attended a forum from personnel of course of study.

On May 25, 1960 4 when 20 minutes, cloth of Wang Fuzhou of team member of Chinese mountain-climbing team, tribute, Qu Yinhua ascends a Mount Everest successfully first, created the great feat that the first peak of top world enters from boreal slope on human history. Of the same age on October 1, the first major of our country mountaineers athletic team Tibet mountaineers battalion holds water formally, in April 1972 more the name is Tibetan mountain-climbing team, hanged out his shingle in January 2019 team of Chinese Tibet mountain-climbing.

1975, the Chinese ascends a Mount Everest again, team member Pan becomes the first place to publish the woman of a Mount Everest from boreal slope more; In the meantime, the Chinese will measure top of peak of the Mount Everest on surveyor's beacon belt first, realize tall to Mount Everest Cheng measure.

Sang Zhu is recollected, in those days ascend condition is difficult, but the task that mountain-climbing team gives to finish the motherland, fight is high-spirited, 1975, we establish surveyor's beacon to support in Mount Everest peak, china measures the height that gave Mount Everest to announce to the world, this is amazing thing. We also raise the Five-Star Red Flag high, took a picture, accepted Chinese entered the whole world again world highest peak.

He says, 1975, wu Zongyue of mountain-climbing team member develops the sacrifice when the top in first time, stay on Mount Everest forever, his gravestone still stands to mountaineer in Mount Everest up to now base camp. I cannot forget these pay the mountain-climbing old-timer of life for mountain-climbing career forever. We live together in those days, the battle is together, I miss them forever. Sang Zhu says.

Bazaxi says by the side of, tibetan mountain-climbing team finished the world to go up to ascend a top exclusively with group form 14 altitude the feat of height of 8000 meters of above, regard ascend as team member, can mountaineer on behalf of Tibet team and Chinese mountain-climbing person go door going abroad, feel special pride. In the process that overcomes the difficult ascend that finish, team member people explained go all out in work take the bull by the horns, tenaciously, unitive cooperation, motherland the mountain-climbing spirit of height of consummate, Yong Pan.

2008, torch of Beijing Olympic Games succeeds to be delivered in top of Mount Everest peak, showed the actual strength of Chinese mountain-climbing person and spirit to the world again. Peak of brave of torch hand king, Nimaciren, yellow Chun Guijun attended a forum.

On the informal discussion, peak of brave of king of team leader of Chinese mountain-climbing group reviewed the achievement that begins China to mountaineer the person is obtained from 1960; Nimaciren of Wang Dejun of secretary of leading Party group of bureau of sports of the Xizang Autonomous Region, director introduced Tibet to mountaineer the bound is in in recent years mountain-climbing environmental protection, come to help and rely on mountain-climbing to popularize fitness of the whole people, development the sports industry, work that helps force take off place of field of deficient assault fortified positions to do; Much auspicious of senior mountain-climbing reporter occupies Xinhua News Agency the report

that caboodle introduced Xinhua News Agency to begin a few Dai Dengshan's reporters to move to Chinese mountain-climbing from Guo Chao's person, expressed the respect to Chinese mountain-climbing person. Visit district person accuse a group Inc. president to hold president Wang Jing concurrently to express to will move to mountain-climbing on behalf of outdoors enterprise the career supports continuously.

On the informal discussion, honored guests wish the tall Cheng of 2020 Mount Everest that undertaking measures consummation, to offerring ascend safety and the Tibet that logistics ensures holy hill company conveyed acknowledgment.

As we have learned, this year, bureau of sports of the Xizang Autonomous Region and Chinese mountain-climbing association still will ascend a Mount Everest 60 years first around the Chinese hold activity of other commemoration day.

Original title: The Chinese ascends a Mount Everest

60 years to hold height above sea level first responsibility of 5200 meters of informal discussions edits: Li Xiaoling