Division of response of Sha of made of baked clay Ni compares selected celebrity hall: This is the peak period of his profession career

Nai celebrity hall announces Smith division comparing is selected 2020 celebrity hall, the wife of division comparing covers with tiles Ni Sha states how we hope he can be celebrated together with us, but the peak period that this is his profession career absolutely.

This is the success that makes a person fab and honor, we feel extremely proud for him. Wanisha says, apparent, we hope he can be celebrated together with us, but the peak that this is career of his NBA profession

absolutely. Each success that he gains as athlete place is to step the stepping-stone that be here. We feel proud for him. Know he may be become 2020 the one part of celebrity hall member, this lets a person some are comforted.

In professional career journey of 20 years, division comparing obtains total champion 5 times in all, 2 FMVP, 1 MVP, optimal battle array of 15 selected NBA, 18 times selected complete star is

being surpassed, 4 AMVP, gold of 2 Olympic Games.

On January 27, division comparing and his daughter Jianna of 13 years old is together unfortunate helicopter dies in wreck, after he dies, by tens of thousands the Sitaipusi that the person collects in los angeles center, in order to commemorate division comparing and his daughter Ji Ji.

Responsibility edits: Ling Qin Li