Heart of accept of Lai of 25 minutes of 25+8 counts Lennart second cruel buckle tear off grey Xiong Fang to defend

Heart of accept of Lai of 25 minutes of 25+8 counts Lennart second cruel buckle tear off grey Xiong Fang to defend

Now, flier is grey to going up ursine, the match is more relaxed still, status of Lai accept heart is outstanding, in the match all sorts of cruel buckle, 25 minutes bang below 25 cent, 8 backboard, 3 secondary attack, 2 grab, athletic battle 17 cast 10 in, get victory of final flier 124-97.

Finally of complete star week, a few have the team of the target that contend for a coronal to need to be adjusted rapidly, enter state of a sprint, the flier that Lainade guides is not exceptional also. They had been before 3 be defeated repeatedly, just when what a victory needs.

Leave bureau, flier basically lets Qiao Zhixian attack, result result is right, lainade also continues to make a ball for George, send secondary attack. First second half paragraph, lainade begins to increase aggressive sex gradually, all sorts of attacking basket, the breakthrough is cruel buckle, dozen 2+1, small cast send variety 100, and ash defends ursinely it seems that as cloud drift general.

The offensive of heart of accept of this phase Lai is really fierce, grey ursine player also is some slack it seems that, of heart of accept of Lai of at one's convenience cruel buckle an one after another, and of flier banner also be

built gradually.

Be worth what carry is, the judgment punishs a respect to blowing and did not give flier the advantage, lainade is very dissatisfactory to this, one face is complaining unpleasantly.

First Lainade with a bang falls 14 minutes, second section he continues to hold position, often still cooperate with George, the breakthrough divides a ball, george pretends to pound basket to fall, abrupt cent ball gives the Halley that defends without people's air defense at the same time Er, it is a successful operation!

Lainade hands over whole first half 21 minutes, additionally 8 backboard enter Zhang, he is attendant the efficiency value that go up is achieved + 17, all players are top.

Ash of the second half rebukes and rebound without what evidence, flier also is dozen of lose gradually power, lainadedi moves 3 times 3 times only, still have hit the target, it is in paint division notch.

Minor details flier does not have a Lai Na Defang to enter the court temporarily, the likelihood watchs

the game basic also be firm. George is attendant still go up dozen, lainade rests all the time, final, he is attendant the edge accepts this next victories easily.

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