Holy fire collects Tokyo Olympic Games arrangement of ceremonial time schedule is Greek deliver 3200 kilometers

Holy fire collects Tokyo Olympic Game

s arrangement of ceremonial time schedule is Greek deliver 3200 kilometers

Athens of Xinhua News Agency Greek Olympic committee was in report 24 days on Feburary 24 Athens holds a press conference, announced the partial program arrangement that

the Tokyo Olympic Games that held on March 12 holy fire collects a ceremony.

Holy fire collects a ceremony to will be in on March 12 Greek uncle the Lin Pi of archaic and abstruse of Olympic Games birthplace that Luo Ben Buddhist nun scatters a peninsula to go up inferior hold, will use sun’s rays line and concave mirror to finish light a fire at the appointed time.

Kapulaluosi of chairman of Greek Olympic committee says on the news briefing, mi Zun of Bach of chairman of international Olympic committee, Greek premier will attend a ceremony Dajisi.

According to the content that announces on the press conference, after torch is ignited, the Greek and well-known actress that acts priestess overcomes Sang Xiqiao to treat black to will give An Na of hand of the first torch torch Kelakaji. This is a hand of torch of marvellous Olympic Games is held the position of by the female first on the history. Kelakaji ever was made an appointment with in 2016 fire project gold is won on the Olympic Games.

Torch will deliver 3200 kilometers by 600 torch hand in Greek churchyard, the stadium of division of Nai of Athenian handkerchief Na Xin that has held the first contemporary Olympic Games at was being arrived at on March 19, and the delegate that pass on gives Tokyo the Olympic Games Organizing Committee. (reporter Yu Shuai is handsome)

Original title: Greek announce fire of emperor of Tokyo Olympic Games to collect ceremonial program to held responsibility editor on March 12: Li Xiaoling