Kaierkucimahui is traded Zhan Huang straps Braun: We are complete the team is like brother in person

Kaierkucimahui is traded Zhan Huang straps Braun: We are complete the team is like brother in person

The distance trades end day is closer and closer, in media abou

t triumphant Er - of Kucima trade gossip still has a lot of, but Lebulang does not wish to discuss this topic more.

Accepting when interviewing, express, he did not consider to trade for nothing now end the problem of day, he has instantly more thing wants to pay close attention to, prepare for war for instance complete star contest, anthology number, and take team to win a ball.

Go up sports season, because lake person trades end the farce disintegrate of day, fail finally to be hit into the contest after season, but Lebulang expresses, the relationship between the player is very close nowadays.

We unite together. He says, relied on solidarity to overcome bitterness, do not have otherwise any individual can accomplish.

After be informed the sad news of the death that division comparing dies, lake person player gathers attend a meeting, a lot of people cry before teammate, everybody also is embracing each other.

We are like brother in person, can understand each other, supporting each other to spend hard a week. Next we also should continue to rel

y on each other. He says.

Whether can lake person still be trade end to the movement had needed to make a question mark a few days ago, strap Braun after all before this also personally has said, in order to have a battle array, they are enough gained the championship. Not come singly but in pairs, division comparing is accepted when New Year interview, also had said our actual strength is enough such word.

" sports pictorial " also comment on say, tragedy makes the feeling between lake person player more close together, this also gives what admire forest blocks general manager to fill strong job increased difficulty.

Advocate handsome Wogeer says: Feeling is element of a consideration, but I do not feel this meeting block up manages a layer to promote a battle array actual strength.

Original title: Le Bulang: ? Ash of wall of palpitate of Huan crystal clear catchs Piao cereal? we are complete the team is like brotherly responsibility editor in person: Li Xiaoling