Korea surpasses Lin Dan 2

2-0 of contest of Lin Dan Korea is over get the better of battle Zhao Jun Peng Chan Sijiang occupies Guo Yunan 3 banquet

Game of master of Korea of world feather couplet continued to undertake in optical administrative division 2019, final of male single 1/4, calm farming Sa of the country overcomes Wan Shengtai of Lin Dan 2-0, hit into 4 strong will have civil war with teammate Zhao Jun P

eng, liu Guangzu of a Chinese player ascends successfully also body semifinal, such Guo Yunan sheet hold 3 4 strong seats, the root of antipyretic dichroa that Liu Guangzu semifinal meets Japan head-on works too.

Before two rounds of Lin Dan are hit very hardly, successive two are after be defeated first, win, the Li Donggen of hard changeover Korea and make bright, experience danger is hit into 8 strong. 1/4 final, lin Dan's adversary is farming Sa captures Thailand player level. The both sides before this 3 fight hand to hand, lin Dan keeps complete get the better of.

Head bureau forest red leaves bureau show slow heat a bit, before half paragraphs lag behind with 3-7, cent is taken to chase after continuously before time-out to 10 smooth, but the bureau in entering is pulled open again score, lose 5 minutes

to spend 10-15 to lag behind repeatedly. Red of after this forest spreads out strike back, hit notch offensive is chased after to 15 smooth, hit a 5-0 in the moment of truth of 16-18, with win instead of lose of 21-18 the latercomers surpass the formers.

Lin Dan of the 2nd bureau continues strong performance, before half paragraphs take fraction continuously, gain the advantage of 9-3, to had preceded with 11-4 when time-out. Grow in quantity of error of the Lin Dan after time-out, be overcome to chase after 14-11 by calm farming Sa, nevertheless after this rises once more situation, get quick decision of 7 minutes of fast battle repeatedly, leave one town again with 21-11, fall continuously two bureaus beat adversary to be hit into 4 strong.

Final of Liu Guangzu 1/4 is opposite a Lin Jun of Chinese Taipei player is easy, be in unsuccessful below the case that loses one bureau first with 17-21, 21-18 of the 2nd bureau wins out bureau of decide the issue of the battle is gotten the better of greatly with 21-10, pull two bureaus changeover to beat rival repeatedly. Semifinals, liu Guangzu's adversary will be Japanese player the root of antipyretic dichroa works too.

Zhao Junpeng meets Japanese player head-on to cross Bian Hanggui, head after bureau 21-13 unplugs so that the head prepares, the 2nd bureau suffers a defeat with the big score of 10-21, the opportunity that bureau of decide the issue of the battle divides handholding key wins out with 21-19, dozen full 3 bureaus force overcomes adversary, rush into 4 strong will have civil war with Lin Dan.

Original title: 2-0 of Korea Sai Lindan is over get the better of 4 forcibly occupy of battle teammate Guoyu male single 3 banquet responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling