List of player of total final of international ping couplet + hotspot: Annals of ping male single is in the country to seize champion again

List of player of total final of international ping couplet + hotspot: Annals of ping male single is in the country to seize champion again

On December 12 - 15 days, total final of couplet of 2019 international ping will pull open opening formally in sports center of Chinese Zhengzhou Olympic. Through one whole sports season the intense contend of 12 stations match, before sports season of singles of male and female is integral 16 strong, male double, female double, mix double each 8 pairs of the strongest partners, will gather together Zhengzhou, perform summit of summit of table tennis circles speaks end of the year.

The total final last year, the wonderful big battle royal of male single competition ground returns clearly to be in eye, final an anticipatory remark wisdom He Yijun is protuberant, become the youngest male single champion on total final history with ages. Give fight in order to protect crown champion identity again, wisdom of an anticipatory actin and whether emersion the extraordinarily brave last year, be worth to pay close attention to.

And experienced total last year final after sufferring a defeat, chinese male line is likewise impending to the longing of this champion. The condition that make Xin not common feel is being heated up, imposing manner of summit of summit of Fan Zhendong regain is like rainbow, equestrian dragon injury returns to anabiosis gradually more, liang Jing proves Lin Gaoyuan urgently, brunt of young general Zhao Zihao is dye-in-the-wood. These 6 player general hand in hand to highest the stage that recei

ve award initiates the strongest impact.

In addition, team of Asian each tradition all arrival is not good at, european great master is same each actual strength not common. The strongest dialog of 16 top ace, who can ask a vessel finally?

List of man seeded player: Wisdom of Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong, Lin Gaoyuan, Ma Long, an anticipatory actin and, Lin Yun scholar, Liang Jing , Kaerdelanuo, Burr, abstruse Qialuofu

Female one-sided, had continued to hold a title at present the Chen Meng of two coronals whether send once more power, implementation 3 Lianguan adds many suspense for this second match. Review total final history, at present the only 3 winners that connect a coronal are Liu Shiwen. And this Chen Meng also has an opportunity to take next this one honor very much, but want to gain the championship be destined won't relaxed, chen Meng should be faced not only come from other the challenge of 9 teammate, yi Teng is beautiful sincere, Feng Tianwei, Zheng Yi beautiful of static, Ishikawa is pure it is difficult to gave her more or less to make in this sports season.

In addition, sha of Sun Ying of before the sports meet two seeds, Yi Teng is beautiful sincere also have sth. worth seeing or reading quite. From Sweden open competition rises, germany makes public diamond of world cup of contest, organization, T2 to surpass two players all come into unavoidable confrontation, for many times war comes bureau of decide the issue of the battle. This second match, the play of two seeded players also gets attention fully. If both sides encounters once more, will be in finals, at the appointed time the big fight that both sides is sure to perform a give tit for tat. But want once more fight hand to hand, from head the road of the promotion that is turn for finals, two players are very difficult light reach a standard.

List of female only seeded player: Yi Teng is Sun Ying Sha, beautiful sincere, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu, Chen Xing is the same as, Liu Shiwen, Ding Ning, Wang Yi enlighten, beautiful of beautiful eaves of Zhu Yuli

ng, champaign, Ishikawa is pure,

Doubles competition ground is likewise splendid again and again. Among them, those who mix double competition ground than going all out will particularly intense. The basis is regular, enter finally mix pair of 4 strong partners to decide direct lock Tokyo Olympic Games took part in the match 2020 qualification. Force of labor of 8 pairs of the strongest partners is waited for hair, provision initiates concussion to Olympic Games chair. Male double, female double, mix double seed list to be as follows.

Male double: Zheng Rong Zhi / Li Shangzhu, Fan Zhendong / Xu Xin, Liang Jing / Lin Gaoyuan, Burr / Francisco, Hejun.

Female double: Wooden Yuan Meiyou / Nagasaki beautiful shaddock, Tian Zhixi / Liang Xia silver, Sun Ying Sha / Wang Manyu, Chen Saiyu / beautiful eaves of Zheng Xianzhi, champaign / Zhi Tian Sha.

Mix double: Yellow town the court of a feudal ruler / Du Kai , Lin Yun scholar / Zheng Yi static, Xu Xin / Liu Shiwen, Shui Gusun / Yi Teng is beautiful sincere, Zhao Dacheng / Shen Yubin, .

Original title: Total final sees a drop: Annals of ping male single is in the country to seize champion Chen Meng to edit to the 3 responsibility that connect a coronal again: Li Xiaoling