Sun Xing kills Mei Kaier to spend hot thorn absolutely 3

Sun Xing kills Mei Kaier to spend win by a narrow margin of the 3-2 that heat up thorn absolutely field of nearly 4 Ying Chao’s guest head get the better of

Beijing time is late on Feburary 16, ying Chao the 26th round, hot assassin field challenges Asiduweila. First half, aerdeweileierde places the make amends for one’s fault by good deeds after Wu Long oneself. Bei Erwen makes a point, fixed fire of Sun Xing is attacked to fill shoot excommunicate. After this ball passes, sun Xing becomes the first to infiltrate in Ying Chao the Asian player of 50 balls. Yi Bian again battle, dimension pulls corner kick, case draws benefit assorted secondary attack, engels head bur

st open the door breaks even score; The 94th minute, error of the field after Vera, sun Xing captures an opportunity to infiltrate absolutely smash. Final, sun Xing is killed absolutely, the 3-2 that heat up thorn beats Vera, 3 minutes are taken away in guest field, heat pricks nearly 4 Ying Chao’s guest field head is gotten the better of.

Weiladi is obtained 9 minutes banner, dust Er adds neat right Lu Chuanzhong, defend disclose of margin of small penalty area gives Samada’s Aerdeweileierde rubber ball rescue sb from a siege places Wu Long oneself however. Delinwote passes a ball, remote corner is shot to slant again before the forbidden zone after Geleilishen is cut inside Zun Lu. Wen Kesi passes a ball, lu Ka Siyuan shoots in a way to slant piece left next horn.

Heat up thorn the 27th minute to break even, the dot before corner kick aggression is medium blocks Lucas next rubber ball, rubber ball hits the deflexion that wear Er, the face about outside top right corner of small penalty area of heart of Er of thunder of A Erde Wei is smoked shoot horn to join a network, 1-1. Douglas passes a ball, aierjiaqi is in long shot 25 times to be attacked by Luo Li.

When thorn half of a game or contest fills, heat exceeds score instead, bei Erwen is shovelled by Engels inside irruptive forbidden zone, sun Xing advocate the ball that punish a dot is attacked by Lei Na, korean immediately disclose shoots a net, 2-1. Sun Xing becomes the first place to infiltrate Ying Chao the Asian player of 50 balls.

The se

cond half, weiladi breaks even 53 minutes, geleilishen opens a corner kick, engels is small burst open the door of reserve margin head, 2-2. Dagete opens a corner kick, a person of extraordinary powers this head attacks the door to slant piece. Lucas passes a ball, the interest inside reserve margin shoots Sun Xing to be attacked.

Heat up thorn the 94th minute to be killed absolutely, engels knock-on error, breakthrough of Sun Xing is pushed to short-hilted broadsword of top left corner of small penalty area shoot remote corner, 3-2. Final heat pricks experience danger to take below 3 minutes, field of nearly 4 Ying Chao’s guest seizes right-hand seat to get the better of.

Vera (3-4-3) : 29- Lei Na; 22- Engels, 15- favour dagger is made an appointment with, 30- a person of extraordinary powers this, 24- Ji Erbai is special; 4- heart Lin Wo is special (60′ , 11- Nakanba) , 6- Douglas, 18- tower squares formed by crossed lines is special; 21- Aierjiaqi (70′ , 17- spy Lei Ze builds) , tower of 20- Sa horse (83′ , 19- rich Er breaths out) , assorted of benefit of 10- case thunder

Hot thorn (4-2-3-1) : In 1- the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces; Ye of 24- abstruse benefit, lei Erde of 4- A Erde Wei, 6- Sangqiesi, 33- Davis; 15- Dai Er (60′ , ) of all alone of Er of a place of strategic importance of 18- the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, 8- Wen Kesi; 23- Bei Erwen (95′ , 5- dimension Er connects henry) , in 20- A (83′ , 30- blocks tile summary) , 7- Xiaolu Cass; of 7- Sun Xing (Yang Lei)

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling