Xinjiang male basket advocate meet core of 81 Fu Hao of Dui Zhouqi VS head-on to be opposite definitely the look up before the match

Xinjiang male basket advocate meet core of 81 Fu Hao of Dui Zhouqi VS head-on to be opposite definitely the look up before the match

Beijing time is late on November 26, CBA convention surpasses Xinjiang team the 10th round advocate meet 81 teams head-on. A Xinjiang group that encounters Shenzhen team is killed absolutely, this battle is in of Zhou Qi of planted agent general guide below, the perception that seeks a victory afresh.

Watch battle guideline:

Be opposite a both sides: Xinjiang team VS81 team

Time of fight hand to hand: On November 26 20 when

Than competition ground house: Urumqi red hill sports center

Television relay: Xinjiang sports

Bilateral recent situation:

On Xinjiang team annulus advocate meet Shenzhen team head-on, the Xinjiang when first half ends builds a lead dominant position of 9 minutes. The 3rd begins Xinjiang to enlarge minute of difference to 16 minutes for a time, but later Shenzhen group scores a hit 3 minutes continuously, narrow cent is differred. End team Shenzhen pulls open 7 minutes of difference for a time. Abudousha pulls wooden linchpin 3 minutes violent wind is entered chase after smooth score. Finally 1.7 seconds, show consideration for and take care to preserve a bottom line to grow pass perforative before, shen Zijie presses chirp sky to receive kill absolutely. Final Xinjiang team is lost with 102-104 at Shenzhen team

On 81 teams annulus advocate meet Tianjin team head-on, first their aggression blossoms at many o'clock, gained banner advantage of 8 minutes. Tianjin home player begins a situation later, li Rongpei, Shi Yi notchs again and again narrow difference. The 81 still keeps faint lead dominant positions after Yi Bian passes, but team of minor details Tianjin exceeds score instead, defended finally get the better of if really. Full-court ends, 81 92-94 cherish defeats Tianjin.

Core is right definitely:

Zhou Qi VS pays a person of extraordinary powers

On Zhou Qi one has 13 to cast only to Shenzhen 6 in enter Zhang 14 minutes, and finally 1.7 seconds are answered prevented not seasonable casting to become blunder. Be in nevertheless groovy period of time, of Zhou Qi defend deter force or can produce main effect, all contribute 12.3 backboard and 2.7 lids cap. Xinjiang advocate the river of handsome A expresses, since Zhou Qi opens contest in league matches, use up very big, next he needs to had adjusted his position.

In 81 teams complete in China class battle array, all Fu Hao of 16.1 minutes of planted agent general of 10.4 backboard are number one star. Fu Hao's current

shoot a basket hits the target rate for 51.7% , besides the aggression of paint division, he jumps in the perch of area of the one pace inside 3 minutes of lines cast, most dot hit the target alliance of rate prep above is average level. Cannon-shot can enclothe the Fu Hao of forbidden zone, to going up Xinjiang team will reveal package of his skill of shoot a basket.

History of fight hand to hand:

On two teams history in all fight hand to hand 34, xinjiang team is obtained 24 get the better of 10 negative.

Predicting both sides sends first:


Fei Erde, on the west heating power river, Yu Changdong, Abudousha pulls wood, Zhou Qi

81: At the beginning of Tian Yuxiang, Wang Junjie, Ramon, Liu Hang, Fu Hao

Original title: Before look up: ? Paddle of  of ∮ of land  Qiao? Zhou Qi or make bully responsibility of vie of line of planted agent belt edits: Li Xiaoling