Beijing support of the people and support of the people of contest of Shandong Lu Neng warm up will give tactics of drilling of the strongest battle array

National Day holiday passes half, beijing support of the people still is in to keep class labor force. Bright h

ind two days, they will be in sports center and Sha

ndong Luneng have abundant station contest of two warm up, the match is whole sealing form.

Because leg is adjusted, support of the people of nearly two months did not play a formal game. Begin from August 30, person and whole group are in on the west inside the Education Foundation outside 5 annulus, prepare for war with all one's strength finally a few rounds in exceed league matches. Holiday of this National Day, drill team did not arrange breathing space.

Team maintains a day of one practice during this, began to drill the sun sets partly at 4 o'clock afternoon everyday. The training course of two many hours, drill team increased the carry momentum of the player and antagonism strength designedly. In addition, the club begins to contact warm up adversary from September, final Shandong Lu Neng was accepted invite.

Current, lu Neng team has arrived at Beijing. Contest of bilateral first warm up was in Yu Ming day partly at 5 o'clock afternoon the sports center has abundant station. Contest of the 2nd warm up will undertake the day after tomorrow, specific time still needs both sides to talk things over affirmatory. Two matches will undertake below whole sealing condition.

The reporter arrives from the understanding inside person and team, although individual player still has,be in personally, but advocate this battle can send handsome Louis the strongest battle array gives fight, attack with what drilling near future decorates defend tactics. (reporter Xu Xiaofan)

Original title: Support of the people greets warm up of two whole sealing to surpass, louis will send editor of responsibility of tactics of drilling of the strongest battle array: Li Xiaoling