Gao Tianliang of Tian of champion of world of winning coronate of FPX of S9 total final is elected as FMVP

Gao Tianliang of Tian of champion of world of winning coronate of FPX of S9 total final is elected as FMVP

The group of battle of FPX of number one seed that comes from LPL competion area carries off champion of total final of whole world of heroic alliance S9, series of the S of LPL competion area that finish is surpassed 2 Lian Guan! Zhu Yilong witnessed the Gaoguang hour that FPX gains the championship in the spot, and close quarters watched champion pot to reach exclusive viatic strong case. Congratulation Zhu Yilong chases after a star to succeed! Congratulation FPX gains the championship!

Kill the final of global total final first, come from LPL (Chinese competion area) FPX battle group had created the history, but legend did not draw full stop at this point. On 10 days of final that in Paris arena of elegant tall hotel undertakes, 3:0 of FPX battle groupGroup of battle of G2 of powerful force of Europe of sweep anything away, enter the peak of the world.

Hit wild player Gao Tianliang to be elected as FMVP. The Gao Tianliang after contest expresses him and did not accomplish best, unexpected of bear the palm, but this the expression of the match also proved him. Who does the style that a lot of people say me resemble who, myself proves without the opportunity all the time before, I want to say I am myself now, I am Tian.

Advocate 2019 sports season publish the G2 battle group that fight for two times an Europe, still hold the pot of the championship in having season in both hands, the champion that differs total final of a whole world only can realize vole. Their force restrains group of battle of SKT of 3 coronals king in semifinals, impetus is being filled.

FPX battle group is in the contest after game of LPL spring, summer all surpasses season of first identity promotion with convention, in spring contest folds renascence of fire of bath of the phoenix after halberd semifinal accidentally, summertime game harvests champion. Scenic of global total final is ascended first however their group surpasses bumpy, nearly fails to give a clue. Subsequently nevertheless their condition hits better more, runner-up of coronal of the sports season on Lian Ke kills finals.

The match was pulled open in the hurrah of full-court audience enthusiasm prelusive, bureau the technical breakdown that appears is made the same score to finals added a few minutes of nervous atmosphere. FPX battle group adopted the strategy that is aimed at adversary start off to gain clear advantage, after this although G2 battle group is changed through resource turn a situation for a time, but the performance of FPX battle group in round battle is more excellent, won this play a game that is as long as 40 minutes finally, 1:0Forestall one’s opponent by a show of stre


Subsequently complete control accused FPX battle group match rhythm, the situation with as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood leaves two bureaus repeatedly, hold the champion cup that had to long for day and night in both hands.

For photograph of old to go on an expedition veteran gold peaceful, retire from the consideration world champion, this global total final also is the battle of the proof. A lot of people say me this k

ind of style does not deserve to take champion, (gain the championship this) proved I hit a law this kind to also can take champion, thank my teammate.

IG battle group became the LPL battle group that wins global total finals for the first 2018, the victory of group of this FPX battle helps LPL competion area realize Wei Mian successfully. The ADC player Lin Weixiang of FPX battle group (ID: Lwx) also created the history, made chief finals the player of 0 be killed in battle.

The final of heroic alliance total final will be held at Shanghai 2020.

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling