Motorcade of F1 farad benefit holds in the palm than Nuo: Farad benefit must lever translate into champion

Binuotuo represents the leader of a group of farad benefit motorcade: Motorcade must check successive 3 matche

s cannot lever the condition that translate in

to wins. Mix in Russia, Japan Mexico is successive in 3 matches, the car hand of farad benefit is set out from the first, but the victory of these 3 matches does not attribute farad profit.

I cannot be today's achievement of course and glad, binuotuo expresses after Mexican station ends, but I think the angle from whole motorcade, we ought to are on the weekend and glad. We took staff again, I think to be in our speed in be being surpassed is very good.

Binuotuo expects farad benefit can have competition ability in American Austin, the Kimi of farad benefit took champion here last year.

Our target is to win, we have winning opportunity and capacity, he says, then I hope we can accomplish lever set out bring back champion, is not lever set out to desertion champion;

This is our hope, complement says Binuotuo, but I am quite affirmative we can be accomplished. Yes.

In 18 contests that had ended in this sports season, this sports season had taken farad advantage 9 lever, take 3 victories, among them 2 victories are brought by Lekelaier, additionally 1 is the champion that Weiteer takes in Singapore.

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