Be salute or sentenced? Good for you, contraindication swims to cannot not know outside these conditions!

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Before German Capitol. (the data pursues)

On August 5 morning, because two China tourist places gesticulation of cashier pure ceremony to be arrested when taking a picture before German Capitol, h

is pay is released after 500 euro recognizance. Because two people are used unconstitutional organization indicates and be mentioned criminal lawsuit. Be in Germany, to hating the mark related character treat of and Xitele and Nazi the symbol is having strict law to restrain, the clue is serious person will be sentenced 3 years of penalty.

In recent years, more and more compatriots walk along door going abroad to view the world. Those who follow group of have sth in mind is open with relevant education gain ground, the quality of Chinese tourist promotes steadily. What cannot ignore however is, wait for a reason as a result of culture difference, chinese tourist hard to avoid can encounter various troublesome things.

What is easy lay a finger on of the You Rong outside the condition mixed easily by the local code of negligence is culture no-no? Might as well along with small make up one dug unexpectedly.

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Singapore: Attaint public property or by whip punishment

Singapore is forbidden entrance, sell and spit chewing gum everywhere. Chew compared with concern nevertheless feed chewing gum chaos to spit endure punish, mar public property property more serious. 2014, two Germany tourist is in doodle of Singapore subway railroad car, cross a country to chase by Singapore, the judge sentences 9 months bagnio and 3 whip punishment.

Additional, singapore also can have penalty to a few uncivilized behavior, the tourist is not exceptional also. The member that the public toilet sets wholesome picket, catch a habit to step on closestool only, lavatory hind the use person of not strong water, litter, first offence fines 150 new money and detain, jailbird amerce is as high as 500 new money.

Thailand: Avoid to discuss royal topic

In Thailand, avoid to discuss kingly, royal family with other as far as possible relevant topic, if have impertinent speech, may offend local law. When the serious situation such as the palace that seeing Thailand, cloister, must wear orderly, prohibit having trousers of belt of sleeve T-shirt, vest, condole, hole, slipper to wait. Move outfit is unqualified person will by off-limits.

Bhutan: Tobacco enters a country pay 100% custom duty

Bhutan is right the discipline sb as a warning of the person that smoke is very stern, it is to take tobacco to enter a country merely be about to pay high price, need pays the custom duty of 100% in custom. If in Bhutan communal circumstance smokes, should be fined at least 225 dollars. If the tourist is in products of Bhutan sale tobacco, can be arrested by the police, be sentenced in order to contraband a blame put in prison.

India: Bovine sacrosanctity

India has a lot of contraindication about religion, ox by the content with inviolable hallow. Niu Qun is walking oneself on the street, car crowd needs cautiously steer clear of them. The tourist travels in India, want special attention ox, do not drive Niu Qun. When entering Hinduism cloister, the clothing and other articles of daily use that cowhide makes cannot apparel on the body.

Indonesia: Avoid by all means touchs child head

Indonesian people does not like other to feel any one part on him body, opposite, they also do not like to go other of lay a finger on. The head is considered as the part with the most divine human body, the child's head is regarded as the part that deities keeps. If strike fear of violate a ban carelessly, what can draw local is malcontent, may be censured avowedly.

A couplet chief of a tribe: Dress bearing is no-no and great

the other city compared with A couplet chief of a tribe, enlighten do obeisance to and Abuzabi is relatively comfortable to the tourist, but if do not respect local custom habit, still be asked possibly to enter police station.

Enlighten do obeisance to executive bureau to ever had released public action rules, appeal this locality dweller and foreign visitor respect native land culture and viewpoint of value. According to regulations regulation, in open circumstance forbidden behavior includes to wear miniskirt, bikini, knickers or other and tight sheer dress, dance, broadcast music aloud, drink in blame management area, pledge, naked swim etc. In addition, sweethearts is kissed publicly, pull a hand to perhaps be embraced also can be detained even by punishment.

Saudi Arabia: Communal circumstance drinks break the law

The Saudi Arabia is the middle east country with the tightest religious discipline. In the Saudi Arabia, drinking break the law. Although the government is opposite to the tourist good-tempered, the visitor that allows to live in location drinks, but also stipulate the tourist must hide in the room, lock up a door closely, drink to just go quietly. Additional, foreign nationality lady goes out go into the street should wear scarf but can not overspread veil, want to wear skirt of long sleeve length, length can cover ankle and the back of hand. If deregulation, drink in communal circumstance and unclean dot, probable be charged with suffers whip punishment.

Be in abroad personally, hour of individual words and deeds is revealed and affect the figure of place dependency home. Of the motherland ceaseless

and prosperous and strong bring practical safe sense and sense of pride to each Chinese, but this proud should not be the one heat in the heart, oral only talk. The legal provision that remember well and abides by different country and area and culture are no-no, hold to civilized go on a journey, it is responsible to individual safety not only, also be responsible to national honor.

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