Day research and development can cut out wireless charge diaphragm can ” stick ” charge on the dress

Tokyo of Xinhua News Agency on January 14 report (reporter Hua Yi) research and development of researcher of Japanese Tokyo college goes out to be able to cut out one kind wireless charge diaphragm, can cut out all sorts of dimension, stick in the object surface such as dress pocket, bag, table to wait for electronic equipment to charge to the mobile phone.

Tokyo university studies the group was learning the introduction on field officer net recently, existing and wireless charge the product designs installation to fill electric coil array normally according to the appearance of specific product, but once the part is cut off,lose chargeability possibly, and what they develop is wireless charge diaphragm, classics after cutting out, still can charge.

This kind wireless charge diaphragm uses array of special H in-house coil, power source is set in diaphragm, diaphragm four circumjacent predestined relationships are OK clipping, odd coil maintains chargeability.

In the experiment, researcher is grow

ing wide what make an appointment with 40 centimeters each is flexible make on substrate what make an appointment with 82 grams again is wireless charge diaphragm, the biggest fill electric power to be able to amount to 5 tile to control. Research group expects this one technology can apply in inside of dress pocket, bag, table or on the box

, gift a few every day object are wireless charge function.

Original title: Japanese research and development goes out can cut out wireless charge diaphragm responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin