Explosion of Lageer happening sends Pakistan at least 39 people are injured 1 person dies

In report will occupy new network on August 8 report of TV station of Dunya News of Pakistan of cite of Russia satell

ite network says, province of general of the block other this country pulls explosion of city adding up to Er to cause at least 39 people to get hurt, 1 person injury dies again.

Say to 34 people get hurt according to the report before this.

Incident will happen in this city on August 7 western. Accord

ing to police message, a lorry that carries apricot from this country north opens Bai Er - Puhetuhewa is saved sail reach this city, and the bury in apricot bomb. The lorry stopped 3 days on the road in busy street, till last night bomb blasts because of unidentified reason.

Police is being investigated, go to in order to decide this lorry sails the accurate line that draws city adding up to Er. Because is anti-corruption case given orders by the supreme court this country of discharge ex-premier Nawaci? Thank Lifuben to answer at the accident two day hind head for Lageer. Xie Lifu is familial come from Lageer, beside because of this he and his political party block general is saved very popular.

Of the bow wave that explosion generates strong, cause many 100 car and autocycle damage, accident ground nods the housetop of a school around to because this breaks down,also collapse.

Original title: Explosion of Lageer happening sends Pakistan at least 39 people are injured responsibility of 1 person death edits: Ceng Shaolin


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