In a list of names posted up of integral of armour league matches 2019 ranks: Before Huhhot ascends gang of very green harbor to go out 3

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on August 4 report league matches of the armour in 2019 sports season the 20th round be over 4 days contest, huhhot team with familiar 1:0Take 3 minutes completely, ascend integral a list of names posted up head; The group of green harbor of Qingdao Yellow Sea that run is led before this criterion two be defeated repeatedly drop before going out 3.

Of Huhhot 7 Lian Sheng is in on annulus end, but epicycle they with 1:0Take 3 minutes completely, the 6th 1:0 that this is them nearly 8 roundsSmall get the better of. When Huhhot guest field challenges the match of the water of Shaanxi big the Qin Dynasty to undertake, visiting team Liu is in more angle of lighten of reserve forward position, hit into full-court to score a goal exclusively.

Go up round of guest field not enemy after Heilongjiang FC team, bishop of gang of green harbor of Qingdao Yellow Sea drills Qiao Di finishs class, experienced Oscar of reserve force bishop acts as agent temporarily experienced post of bishop of team of a gleam of. Epicycle guest field challenges Guizhou constant abundant, experience of the phase when Qingdao team is filling is killed absolutely, home team poplar holds out the field in receiving to grow pass

hold up of irruptive forbidden zone to shoot excommunicate. At present gang of green harbor of Qingdao Yellow Sea accumulates 35 minutes, rank integral a list of names posted up the 4th, backward a list of names posted up 2 minutes first.

Changchun inferior peaceful advocate field 5:1Conquer Meizhou the Hakkas. The 20th minute, home team left Lu Chuanzhong, foreign aids heart hauls burst open the door of Ji Ji head. After dichotomy bell, home team punishs a corner kick, the be high up in the air outside Zhang Xiaofei forbidden zone is smoked shoot notch. The 32nd minute, dragon of home team Tan seizes short-hilted broadsword opportunity, will lead dominant position enlarges 3 balls. The 57th minute, visiting team turns an one ball by Cui Wei. After this, home team is notched by Tan Tiancheng, Tan Long early or late, score the lock is 5:1 surely.

Other the number of showings of a film, 5:0 of field of big customer of Beijing north bodyGet the better of Shijiazhuang greatly always prosperous, 1:0 of zoology of plum county a strong determined personConquer Shanghai Shen Xin, liaoning Shenyang grand carry 1:1Accept of ounce of battle smooth Xinjiang is joyous. (reporter Tan Chang)

Original title: In armour is integrated: Huhhot ascends a Qingdao Yellow

Sea to be defeated repeatedly drop before going out 3 responsibility edit: Li Xiaoling