Nanhai had ” criterion ” the interference outside frame region can rest

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Nanhai it is important that the sea to peace strode again one pace. Each abroad grows alliance to affirmed the Nanhai code of conduct that reachs with China in Philippine Manila a few days ago east (abbreviation criterion) frame, revealed the country inside region to safeguard the collective apiration of Nanhai peace and stability. Analytic personage says, this conduces to the interference of the force outside eliminating region and hype, maintain Nanhai condition stability.

[news fact]

6 days of evening release east alliance minister of foreign affairs can combine statement to say, development of minister of foreign affairs of alliance each country discussed the issue about Nanhai east, express to welcome ardently to reaching frame of Nanhai code of conduct.

Meanwhile, 3 paces just put forward to take a tentative plan to advancing criterion to consult in.

The first pace, 11 abroad grows to affirm criterion frame jointly, after announcing to finishing necessary preparation to work, within year timely start next substantial negotiation.

The 2nd pace, in August the bottom is fulfilled ” Nanhai each behavior is enunciative ” (abbreviation ” enunciative ” ) the tr

ain of thought that teamwork work group discusses criterion to consult on the meeting, principle and push a plan.

The 3rd pace, after preparative work is finished basically, in gross without the outside interference and Nanhai situation basic stable premise falls, mix by China east leader of allied country home is in in November China – east on alliance leader meeting announce formally to start criterion next text consult.

It is reported, 3 paces walk along a tentative idea to already got east alliance just is answered ardently and support.

[deepness is analysed]

Well-known, do not calm since Nanhai condition is long-term. 2002, china and east allied country home is reached ” Nanhai each behavior is enunciative ” , promoted area condition forward peace and steady directional progress. The course exchanges views for years, china and east allied country home will be discussed in May this year again passed criterion frame.

Actually, this east alliance minister of foreign affairs can be right will reach criterion frame May be approbated again and cross-check, the list is clear east allied country home is right maintain area peace and stability jointly, stimulative area develops prosperous desire.

This frame that just supports each at present, it is the overall limits that consults how to establish standard and means method, it aims to build a kind to be in charge of through regulation accuse the difference, mechanism that maintains stability.

Next, criterion will be entered in the important level that specific content consults inside frame. Had frame, the key link that consulted to have problem negotiation and content formulate and eye, quantity and degree. But the outline that frame is directive negotiation criterion only, the negotiation about criterion is counterpoise of a needle want the specific negotiation with complex issue, from reaching frame to publish certainly will to criterion again to negotiation criterion is one is accumulated stage by stage, step forward the process of dimension difficult, give out very hard schedule.

[the first comment]

China and east allied country home reachs criterion frame, it is afterwards ” enunciative ” later the has historical sense one stride that strides, be China and east allied country home drives the one stride in process of Nanhai pe

ace and stability jointly.

If say, the country of a few have ulterior motives or politician took Nanhai problem to make carding comments from time to time in the past is to getting regulation to lack the opportunity that miss, so, of this criterion frame reach, the mark wears what Nanhai problem enters a materiality to talk about the phase with business. In the meantime, this frame also is to ensure the negotiation about criterion not the important basis of sideslip and standard.

In addition, the combination that alliance minister of foreign affairs meets east states, pointed to clearly still latter and certain outside trying to disturb the region of Nanhai condition big country. Action of the state outside these region again and again, try will this already the Nanhai problem of calm warms up afresh, can suffer finally only east the opposition of country of alliance great majority.

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In November 2002, china and east allied country home is reached ” Nanhai each behavior is enunciative ” , certain relevant parties reiterates make Nanhai code of conduct will promote our region peace and stability further, agree to negotiate consistent foundation to go up in each, day reachs this goal finally and try hard.

November 2012, china – east alliance leader meeting published commemoration day ” Nanhai each behavior is enunciative ” sign statement of 10 years of combination. Statement expresses, each just reiterate wish to negotiate consistent foundation to go up to be advanced jointly in each make Nanhai code of conduct.

September 2013, china and east allied country home started the negotiation about criterion formally.

In May 2017, china and east discuss on the relevant meeting that allied country home holds in city of Guizhou Province Guiyang passed criterion frame. (reporter Ling Shuo, Yuan Mengchen, Dong Chengwen, editor Zou is more) (report of confluence of video of relevant graph article pays close attention to head of Xin Huaguo border please date of small letter public)

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