Player of Trojan drop out has whose Trojan player to change analysis of situation of Nba of the sports season below hematic reason greatly

Player of Trojan drop out has whose Trojan player to change analysis of situation of Nba of the sports season below hematic reason greatly

Du Lan converts basket network especially, take an examination of Xinsijia alliance lake person, pull Yi Ge Da trade to rebuke to ash, cut Livingston into parts to have any sign hardly, trojan the fall to pieces of instant of perfect battle array of period of 5 years of 3 coronals. From feasibility condition consideration, of Trojan changing blood greatly is actually a kind inevitable. In NBA relatively perfect compensation frame and wage cap system fall, trojan maintains the stability of the battle array very hard. Take the opportunity break frame of original battle array, undertake changing, it is to annals for the Trojan of regain summit summit, do not have not not be a favour.

General view of drop out player

Jones arrives on eagle sports season field all 5.4 minutes 3.1 backboard 1.2 secondary attack

Bell arrives on silvan wolf sports season field all 3.3 minutes 2.7 backboard 1.1 secondary attack

Livingston is cut into parts to go up sports season field all 4 minutes 1.8 backboard 1.8 secondary attack

Yi Ge Da plays field of the sports season on grey bear all 5.7 minutes 3.7 backboard 3.2 secondary attack

The library overcomes field of the sports season on lake person all 6.9 minutes 2.1 backboard 1.6 secondary attack

Take an examination of Xin Si to arrive on lake person sports season field all 16.3 minutes 8.2 backboard 3.6 secondary attack

Du Lan arrives especially on basket net sports season field all 26 minutes 6.4 backboard 5.9 secondary attack

The current situation

Death 5 small be broken

According to the report, trojan uses outspread clause to cut Livingston into parts. Livingston joined in Spring 2014 Trojan, 5 sports season helped team in the past 5 into total final, 3 seize total champion, it is the core of Trojan reserve battle array, his drop out means Trojan to be opposite of original battle array shuffle still continueing.

From July 1 since free market open, the team take turns such as basket ne

t, flier, showing tremendous enthusiasm, 76 people, lake person becomes protagonist, greet super star to did not come even early or late core, from this open new era. Regard the past as the focus with 5 whole and allied sports season, appear to be forgotten by the outside inside Trojan brief period, when free market turns into calm, everybody just discovers, besides the library in, this is opposite Thompson spray brother and Glyn, this a brave and strong man is already special and new.

Of Trojan rise abruptly only then at 2014-2015 sports season, in the library, the death that Ge Da of Thompson, Glyn, Barnes, Yi pulls composition 5 small let Trojan sweep across whole alliance, take total champion and record-breaking groovy competition early or late 73 get the better of, the Du Lan that joined in Spring 2016 is special, it is pair of death more 5 small perfect upgrade.

In the past in 10 days of time, the Du Lan that becomes free player did not renew the contract with Trojan especially, however together Ervine joins in basket net; MVP Yi Ge Da pulls another total final to also fail to take a line, be traded to rebuke to ash by Trojan. Although in the library, Thompson, Glyn still is in the team, but death 5 Xiaocheng is the history. Die 5 small be being broken is to begin only, the numerous part player of Trojan also early or late drop out, take an examination of Xin Si, Kukejia alliance lake person, bell converts silvan wolf, amount to rice to install Jones to be traded to come eagle, livingston is cut into parts, 5 years the battle array of 3 coronals period becomes ulterly changed.


Next sports season are striven for do not drop out

Exceed the team of wage cap, need pay luxury tax, but the regulation that NBA still has hat of a good salary, namely local tyrant line, the compensation amount of all team all must not exceed next sports season 138.9 million dollar.

To Trojan, when team and Thompson the lot issues a contract of 5 years of 190 million dollar, get Lasaier through the way that changes after the autograph first, assume the other side 4 years the contract of 117 million dollar, the compensation amount of team has touched last local tyrant line.

2019-2020 sports season, in the library, Thompson’s yearly salary is 40.23 million dollar, 32.74 million dollar respectively, the yearly salary of Lasaier, Glyn is 27.28 million dollar, 18.54 million dollar respectively, the yearly salary summation of 4 core player has approached above 119 million dollar. The Yi Ge Da that Trojan must take high pay through sending is pulled, Livingston, this ability falls the compensation amount of team red line is the following.

Ge Da of Du Lan spy, Yi is pulled, take an examination of Xin Si, Livingston to wait for much person drop out, renew the contract with the success such as Thompson, Lu Ni, bring the new player such as the Lasaier, Sipeierman, Si Tan that take an examination of benefit, of Trojan change blood to be finished already basically, team next main task is adjusted afresh namely, next sports season are striven for in intense western do not drop out in competition.

Considering soup because Pu Sen general hurts absent most sports season, lu Ni namely battle force already can be counted on one’s fingers, in the library, Glyn and new the Lasaier that join in needs to maintain whole team, there will be Du Lan no longer beside them special, take an examination of Xin Si, there also is Yi Ge Da to pull no longer on reserve banquet with Livingston. Queasy afterwards, ahead has numerous and sealed challenge to awaiting this to pay brand-new a brave and strong person.


Pay bonus no longer, the fact that change blood is but

The concept of wage cap and extravagant duty by NBA initiate, the purpose at the beginning of establishing is to prevent unbalance of whole and allied zoology, avoid dynasty team to undertake the whole thing several years continuously as far as possible the circumstance of champion happens. Trojan makes the dynasty team that regnant power provides most since 21 centuries, really support of the people of favourable geographical position of profit from climate.

Everything only then Yukuli signed that value 4 years with Trojan 2012 the overflow contract of 44 million dollar.

Although at present expensive for 3 two total champion gainer, convention surpass MVP winner, multinomial history 3 minutes ball record holder, in the time of before a few sports season that Dan Zaigang enters alliance, downwind downstream is not in the library. Do not calculate on the data of super star, desultory injury, let his profession career the first big contract sells at a discount greatly.

Before 2012-2013 sports season begins, renew the contract ahead of schedule with Trojan in the library that is about to fulfil new beautiful contract last years, contract Spring 2013 become effective, come continuously Spring 2017, value 4 years of 44 million dollar. Although the NBA big contract at that time is returned,did not go up at every turn 100 million, but this contract in the library is shown slightly really miserable and shabby, look at present, can saying even is price of the sex on NBA history compares a highest contract.

During this, the outbreak that professional career greets in the library period, trojan also makes alliance powerful group very quickly, in the library obtain convention two years to surpass MVP continuously, trojan 3 into total final two seize total champion. Form bright contrast to it, be elected as convention to surpass the 2016-2017 sports season of MVP with full in the library, he can take the yearly salary of 12 million dollar only.

Although this is right some are unjust in the library, dan Yong person however savor god-given pay bonus, similar later case also happens in Thompson to go up personally. In addition, joined in Spring 2016 after Trojan, the Du Lan that is main goal with total champion honor is special, pull to help Ge Da of Trojan tarry Yi, the important player such as Livingston, successive two sports season fall actively firewood, the dreamy battle array of Trojan just is able to withhold.

Nevertheless, pay bonus is terminable also, the contract carrying firewood on the head of 201 million should be signed Spring 2017 in the library, thompson also is seeking big contract this summer, du Lan falls actively no longer especially firewood, the destiny changing blood of Trojan is already inevitable.

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