Sa heart latest news: Han environment ministry will review a result at will making public Sa Dehuan first on August 10

[Liu Kun of reporter of exercitation of round-the-world network coverage] according to Han Lian the company will report on August 8, korea environment ministry expressed that day, will use the land at will making public Sa heart on August 10 miniature ann

ulus judges the spot to confirm a result.

The report says, the spot affirms is the part that in affecting evaluation book to understand adequately and hold an environment, understands hard, the item that reachs need to be checked mainly wait and undertake. This second spot affirms the project such as the electromagnetic wave that will affect to may arising to the environment, noise undertakes the key is checked. Notable is, korea department of defense will make public what the miniature annulus such as electromagnetic wave, noise judges to determine first when the spot affirms result.

Before this, korea department of defense ever expressed to will invite local dweller and media to visit this second spot to confirm the work, say the area that will ask to local dweller when necessary undertakes detecting. But the inmate of astral city county that objects Sa heart deploy and organization reject to attend.

The report says, korea department of defense from 2016 year end is opposite undertake with the ground to what be stationed in 320 thousand square metre the first round when Han Meijun offers miniature environment influence is evaluated, evaluate a result to already will be referred to Korea environment ministry on July 24.

Original title: Korea environment ministry: Will judge result responsibility to edit at will making public Sa Dehuan first on August 10: Ceng Shaoli



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