The contest when Holand of the look up before 2019 champion adds women football world cup 1

1-0 of the contest when Holand of the look up before 2019 champion adds women football world cup gets the better of Swedish data analysis

Semifinal of women football world cup, holand passes 1-0 of the contest when adding to beat Swedish head to take finals, will contend for a coronal with American team, swedish general and England contend for Ji Jun.

World of Swedish women football is ranked the 9th, holand the 8th. Before this two knockout, sweden beats Canada and Germany, holand conquer Japan, Italy. Sweden is the 4th hit into semifinals, best achievement is runner-up before this, and Holand is to be hit into first 4 strong, two teams did not meet too on the world cup before this.

The 4th minute, long shot of rice heart horse slants a left pillar. The 13rd minute, forbidden zone right way receives Bulaikesiteniusi the shoot after teammate divides a ball, be attacked do all one can by Holand door, rush to fill in Yagebusong again subsequently before shooting, control rubber ball in body bottom. The 18th minute, long shot of Bei Lun Si Taien will be gotten by Swedish door.

The 20th minute, swedish team obtains right way free kick, ailikesong advocate punish pillar of side of direct Xiang Yuan coming back, holand door will ball rescue sb from a siege. The 38th minute, swedish corner kick opens forbidden zone to make a disorde

r, the shoot of case of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad the base of a fruit will be blocked go out by Holand door. The phase when first half fills, shoot of Bei Lun Si Taien is held back, battle of two teams 0-0 makes the same score first half.

The 57th minute, feisheer column plays the Yuan Duanli in powerful shot on the right side of forbidden zone piece, holand team has escaped to rob. The 63rd minute, holand team corner kick opens penalty area, head of rice heart horse attacks the door, swedish door will use handle gently to be held in the palm gently, rubber ball hits crossbeam, swedish team is favored also fail to throw a ball. The 88th minute, free kick of the field before Sweden is obtained, ailikesong advocate punish beam of tower above of direct shoot in a way. The injury stays the level when filling, interest of forbidden zone right way shoots Fandesangdeng to will be held in the palm by Swedish door a beam, battle of 90 minutes of 0-0 makes the same score two teams, enter the contest when a


The 100th minute, geluoaining shoots excommunicate in the interest before forbidden zone, holand team breaks deadlock eventually, 1-0 is banner, and final Holand also beats Sweden to be hit into finals first by right of this goal, will contend for champion with American team.

This field data

Bilateral battle array

Holand women football comes on the stage battle array: 1- model expends Neidaer, 2- Fandegelahete, 20- cloth pulls Fanluntelun, 3- Dewosai, , 7- Fan Desang is ascended) , Ma Tengsi of 9- Mi Dema, 11- (the 46th minute, 19- Luo Erde)

Swedish women football comes on the stage battle array: 1- overcomes a pine in Lindaer, 6- dust (the 111st minute, 2- An Desong) , humble of Senbulante, 5- abandons 3- Er, 4- Lu Bensong of Glass, 23- (the 79th minute, 16- Qi Jiaodi – Aoermo) , case of a place of strategic importance of 9- A Si Lani, 17- , 10- case of Hu Di of Yagebusong, 8- (the 79th minute, 7- Yanuoji) , 11- cloth Lai overcomes Siteniusi (the 111st minute, 20-M- pulls a pine)

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Original title: Women football world cup – 1-0 of the contest when Holand adds gets the better of Sweden and editor of responsibility of final of join forces of American women football: Li Xiaoling