Women football of Korea of women football world cup two defeat below one bureau to be opposite repeatedly a Norway win a range not quite

Beijing time is late on June 12 at 21 o'clock, the A Er low that group of A of world cup of women football of international sufficient couplet strapped Noble in case 2019 this field begins a have a contest, be opposite by Nigeria team battle Korea team. First half the 28th minute, korea team plays the ball into oneself gate when rescue sb from a siege of 5 Jin Duyan. The second half the 74th minute, the field after the Ao Shaoa of Nigeria team helps come to sb's aid is long pass, drop full back too continuously after Huang Baola and door general Jin Minzhen, push shoot Buddhism to notch. Final Nigeria team 2 than team of 0 conquer Korea, take precious 3 minutes. Below the two Korea teams that defeat repeatedly annulus face group of Norway of world powerful force, become current world cup probably the team of bureau of the first defray.

Two groups group surpasses in pairs the first round to lose. Nigeria team ranks the 38th at present, but never absent passes a world cup. Korea team world ranks the 14th, attend women football world cup the 3rd times. Korea team although first 0 give France than 4 disastrous defeat, but E of two reserves Li Min and performance of ginger colour are brisk, today two people in pairs head hair. Begin the 9th minute, nigeria team left Lu Chuanzhong, korea two full back in succession roof fall, but him likelihood also did not get ready, nigeria team 9 Aopalanuoqi are subliminal head will be attacked by Korea door. The anger after beautiful drop shot of wrong way of forbidden zone of Min of the 17th minute of Li Jin casts off one person is shot by Nigeria door pounce. In a way of the long shot outside forbidden zone of the 22nd minute of Li Mine slants piece.

Accident of team of the 28th minute of Korea throws a ball, the field in Nigeria team is long pass, jin Duyan is answered prevent run oneself gate is faced to carry ball rescue sb from a siege in moving, but play the ball into oneself gate however! Slow lens shows Aopalanuoqi appears the Wu Long that the hand came up against Jin Duyan answers a ball, this ball is too ambiguous nevertheless, after awaiting several minutes, video judgment group terminal decision goal is valid. 1 than 0, nigeria accident is banner. This is the 2nd Wu Long of current world cup. Right way of team of the 38th minute of Korea has a ball, nigeria team rescue sb from a siege is flu

rried, the road in before Li Mine is grabbed, sending the ball, li Jin Min is in can fall with the premise of close quarters shoot obviously, abrupt choice passes a ball blindly, nigeria has escaped to rob.

The 48th minute of pool laugh is sentenced in forbidden zone like that the holiday falls have yellow card. The 49th minute of Nigeria opens a wrong way free kick, head hits Aopalanuoqi on the net of the end on goal! The long shot of the 51st minute of Zhao Zhaoxian by favour is graceful catching of much Qi Ai. Team of the 54th minute of Korea hooks up two people, 13 Yu Minzhi change next Zheng wedge Bin, 9 Wen Meiluo change Li Mine. W

rong way of team of the 57th minute of Korea sends shoot of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun suddenly, favour is graceful Duoqiai attacks the ball, li Jin Min catchs up with push shoot excommunicate! But slow lens shows offside of in a way of Li Jin Min. Ancon of Lu of Wei of the 60th minute of rare library attacks Zhao Zhaoxian to have yellow card, zhao Zhaoxian lay a few minutes to just rise on the ground. The 64th minute of Nigeria changes Lu of next rare library Wei with 18 A Yinde.

Yellow card has when intercept of the field in the 70th minute of Huang Baola, team of Korea of the second half goes all out grab fierce, push before active, but the effect still general. Team of the 74th minute of Nigeria erupts suddenly, aokeke drops field team member too after the ball sends forth after one person, the field before Aoshaoala gets a ball, she relies on speed to swing Huang Baola, dropping a Jiang Jinmin chastity that hit out too then, small angle is pushed shoot Buddhism, 2 than 0! Korea team immediately again substitution, plum is weak change Jiang Cai . The 77th minute of Nigeria strikes back quickly, it is from abstruse carry on A pulls this, but she last foot wades the power when forbidden zone is too great, be confiscated by Jin Minzhen rubber ball. Team of the 79th minute of Nigeria changes Aoerdejia with 7 Yi Mo. Team of the 82nd minute of Nigeria changes Aoshaoala with card exert.

Right Lu Chuanzhong of team of the 83rd minute of Korea, head of Wen Meiluo close door by favour is graceful Duoqiai attacks! Interior of forbidden zone of the 86th minute of Yumin wisdom is fast face about shoot by favour is graceful pounce of much Qi Ai. The 89th minute of Yu Minzhi runs the shoot in moving too. Go ahead regardless of team of ten minutes of Korea besieges Nigeria finally, but do not have result and return. Final Nigeria team 2 than team of 0 conquer Korea.

Nigeria team: 16- favour is graceful Duoqiai; 20- abstruse division, 3- abstruse Ha Lai, 5- dust is compared, thunder of 4- dust shellfish; 11- black Shen Du, 13- abstruse division is compared, lu of Wei of 10- rare library (18- A Yinde 64 minutes) ; 8- Ao Shaoa is pulled (12- blocks exert 82 minutes) , 9- Aopalanuoqi, 17- Ao Erde is added (7- Yi Mo 79 minutes)

Korea team: 18- Jin Minzhen; 16- Zhang Se fine jade, 5- Jin Duyan, 4- Huang Baola, 20- Jin Huili; Min of 17- Li Jin, 10- Chi Xiaoran, 8- Zhao Zhaoxian, 7- Li Mine (9- Wen Meiluo 54 minutes) , 23- Jiang Cai (19- plum is weak 76 minutes) ; Bin of 11- Zheng wedge (13- Yu Minzhi 54 minutes)

Original title: Women football world cup - bold of dragon of Jin Duyan black edits responsibility of Korea of 2-0 of short-hilted broadsword Nigeria: Li Xiaoling