Beautiful California bey announces san Francisco will hold peak of global climate action to meet at next year

San Fran

cisco of China News Service on July 6 report (reporter Liu Dan) Jierui Braun announces American California bey 6 days, peak of global climate action will be held to meet in san Francisco in September at next year, this also is this peak can be held by local government first, gist is support ” Parisian agreement ” .

According to the information that bey government website releases Braun 6 days, the 20 countries that hold in German hamburger group (G20) leader peak is met eve, bulangtong crosses video to be in the global citizen section of hamburger announced afore-mentioned content last hours.

“Telangpu’s president is trying to exit ” Parisian agreement ” , but he does not represent American people. ” Braun says, all cities of California and United States are certain should be to rise jointly when taking action, the menace of change of collective antagonism climate to the mankind.

Braun says, peak of global climate action is met the great ambition that will show each country to defy climate changes in tandem to the world, the economy that transforming and environment, promote each cooperation with honest more thorough commitment.

“Will quickly join us! Entrepreneur, singer, musician, mathematician, professor and students, we need the person with different whole world to join us, this affects whole world and unripe existence this people. ” Braun issues the appeal. He says, “What must we do, we can be done get. We can be done get..

The returning that makes a speech in global citizen section together with Braun has Canadian premier Teluduo, wait in case of shellfish of Er of all alone of Norwegian prime minister and Argentine president mark.

The office expresses Braun, be in with ” convention of frame of U.N. climate change ” after the executive secretary before secretariat overcomes Lisidina Feigeleisi to discuss a few months, braun decides to comply with Feigeleisi’s proposal, peak of global climate action is held to meet in san Francisco, urge the action that takes in the light of climate change further.

Meeting general is in peak of global climate action ” convention of frame of U.N. climate change ” conclude a

treaty the 24th times hold before square congress.

California is senatorial temporarily Di Lai holds prolocutor Kevin · high etc also is to facilitate this the peak can be in what san Francisco holds to shove a hand. (Be over)


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