Day of beautiful couplet Chu Ming opens monetary policy meeting or disclose shrink watch schedule

Beautiful couplet store monetary policy meeting will be held to 26 days in 25 days, will announce interest rate is fixed after predicting meeting. The market will pay close attention to beautiful couplet store the view to economy and the clew to cut balance sheet, current inflation is exhausted weak likely also aggravate is decision-making of the layer have a difference of opinions, affect the rhythm with constrictive monetary policy.

The conference of this week is beautiful couplet store this year conference of the 5th monetary policy. On the conference June, beautiful couplet store decision inside year add the 2nd times breath, the market predicts generally to will be added again this year in December cease. Beautiful couplet store will add in June breath while announced ” shrink watch ” plan.

Outside intermediary cite Magendatong the viewpoint of benefit of economist Fei Luo thinks, this the likelihood in beautiful couplet Chu Shengming expresses ” quite fast ” or begin to carry out balance sheet normalization at will rising in September professedly, beautiful couplet store start this on the conference ” shrink watch ” possibility is not large, because the market is

still extemporaneous. He releases a report to point out, the program of normalization already had old, “If before be being driven in 6 weeks when anticipate generally, be being started, the likelihood causes market panic, this is not beautiful couplet store the risk that is willing to risk ” .

Economist of RBC capital market Boxili also thinks: “Without giving thought to stand or fall, beautiful couplet store do not wish to be in those who do not have a press conference is sessional the decision that makes influence market, accordingly, we think to will attend a meeting to just can announce in September.

By ” wall street daily ” the investigation that has to 63 economist shows, the economist of 61.3% predicts beautiful couplet store will begin in September ” shrink watch ” , the economist of 14.5% predicts beautiful couplet store will come to will begin in December behindhand ” shrink watch ” . Investigation still shows, the economist of 65.1% predicts beautiful couplet store will announce in December inside year add the 3rd times breath, 33.9% when prep above is investigated last month. The economist of 22.2% predicts beautiful couplet store will add on the monetary policy regular meeting September breath.

2008 after financial crisis, beautiful couplet store quantify loose monetary policy through 3 rounds early o

r late (QE) buys national debt of many United States and orgnaization mortgage loan to support negotiable securities, the dimensions of its balance sheet from the crisis before do not expand to -727379968 dollars to current about 4.5 trillion dollar.

“Shrink watch ” the retrorse operation of QE of it may be said, the effect that its produce to American economy and to world economy outside spill impact nots allow small inspect. Beautiful couplet store ” shrink watch ” the key depends on avoiding out of control of level of long-term interest rate, if long-term interest rate jumps considerably,rise, with respect to meeting harm American economy anabiosises, impact of the spill outside its causes global money market possibly also queasy cause risk and crisis.

” wall street daily ” the article is commented on, beautiful couplet store the official faces situation of be in a dilemma, two economic norms that pay close attention to most because of them issued the signal of mutual contradiction to adding the pressing sex of breath again. Will touch 16 years the unemployment rate of low shows labour market boom in May, this is beautiful couplet store maintain added breath pace to offer reason in order to prevent economic overheat. But inflation is in deviate beauty couplet store the target of 2% , indication loan cost should be maintained in low-level in order to heighten price pressure.

In addition, the near future causes the element with fatigued and weak inflation to appear relatively go up month of beautiful couplet store expand when the conference, beautiful at that time couplet store chairman Ye human relations saying this is main is be caused by of price fall of a few a few commodity, she was listed mobile phone online formula will be hit in March fold and the example that medical price will fall in April.

Of the near future announce data to show, be in up to a year of May in, living cost rises 3.4% , but the living cost that manhood of 3 months amount to led in the past rises 2.7% , show build apartment inventory to increase the price capacity that weakened landlord. Although consumer welcomes chummage and house price to rise,impetus defers, but of living cost rising is a crucial reason that in recent years inflation did not become more fatigued and weak. Same, of two handcart inventory increased to also constitute pressure to the price of two handcart.

” wall street daily ” cite France starts trade bank Shalifu’s viewpoint weighs economist of advanced United States, lengthen as commercial cycle, people predicts the price of a lot of commodity such as airline ticket, dress and car will rise, however these prices did not appear rise.

In addition, economist of presiding United States adds Ba Kelai Pan expresses, the shopkeeper below the line faces company of electronic business affairs’ increasingly intense competition, these shopkeeper are undertaking structural sex is adjusted, mean traditional shopkeeper to will be carried out depreciate in great quantities sales promotion in order to hold market share.

Fill economist high to say, service quality adjusts medical treatment health to be caused possibly also in future one-time depreciate.

The index of price of individual spending expenses that American Department of Commerce publishs (PCE) , it is beautiful couplet store more the inflationary index of favour. This year some earlier moment achieves beautiful couplet store after the target of 2% , this index is already successive 3 months expression is fatigued and weak. If look from another index of American Ministry of Labour, american country inflation is already successive 4 months expression is fatigued and weak.

To American economy, economist predicts economy of United States of the 2nd quarter will grow 2.7% by annual rate computation this year, prep above 1.4% first quarter; Annual economy was added 2017 fast predict to be 2.3% , prep above 1.6% 2016. Many beautiful couplet store official near future expresses, they hope to be being added next time see American inflation level picks up before breath. Dalasi lays in bank president federally Robert Kapulan was written a few days ago civil point out, he hopes to see more evidence shows near future inflation is fatigued and weak is temporary only, the United States achieves the inflationary target of 2% to continue to gain headway inside metaphase forward.

Beautiful couplet store the anticipation that announces last month shows, to the end of 2018, inflationary rate makings picks up to the target level of 2% . But a few officials express to suspect to this, chicago couplet store Evan shows the president publicly recently, he does not have afore-mentioned anticipation to the view of inflationary foreground so hopeful.

Article of column of Peng rich company says, level of developed country interest rate is general on the low side, several weeks of markets also reduced pair of beautiful couplet in the past store the anticipation of constrictive policy. Comfortable financial environment makes what investor greets to catch go up situation, 3 thumb count Dow Jones, Nasidake and mark general alternate innovation is tall last week. “The abundant, fluidity that can anticipate can go up for the stock market temporarily situation add firewood, hopeful makes invest journey to become more comfortable, long. ” the article says, “But journey is terminal how, everybody cannot expect. Everybody cannot expect..


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