Doctor Mandela writes book exposure to object a book secretly already falling because of its family before one's death frame

China News Service makes an appointment with the Si Bao inside writing on July 25 report (reporter Song Fangcan) by group of the medical treatment before Mandelasheng the new book of chief place write " final years of Mandela " explode greatly its, just published cause great controversy. Because Mandela objects strongly of family, publisher will been worn below this book on July 25.

" final years of Mandela " by penguin company of south Africa of Lan Dengshu house is published, the author is south Africa the doctor in charge of a case of lieutenant general of national defence army, Mandela pulls Mulakan. Lamulakan is the chief that graceful heart helps medical treatment group, guard him near 10 yea

rs wholeheartedly, died of illness in December 2013 till him. After retiring, lamulakan puts down scalpel to take paper pen, reductive graceful heart plays a paragraph of last time in life.

During there is Mandela to get a severe disease in the book can never fair all much information at the world, a June 8 unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment that includes him to die that year among them. Nevertheless, graceful heart irritates to pull horse of widow case Lhasa to thank Er truly in the book, it is to pull Mulakan to explode those who expect bank of the bed before saying Mandela is mortal accompanies him is ex-wife Wen Ni, and rather than wife horse thanks Er. The author says in the ex

posure in the book, the ex-wife lukewarm Ni that already divorced more than 10 years is holding Mandela's hand, hold your hand, grow old with you.

See this postscript, widow Ma Xieer of Mandela is very indignant, with the strongest expression condemnation, thought to disobey a doctor the confidential agreement to the patient, my general listens to the proposal of legal personage, will decide to whether sue author and publisher through legal order.

To this, south Africa department of defense also appears personally hastily, pointing out Doctor Lamulakan to give a book is the individual's behavior, do not have any relations with south Africa army. Army spokesman Delamini expresses: The thing between the viewpoint of the expression in the book and doctors and patients, mix without south Africa department of defense the examine and verify of high level of national defence army.

24 days, penguin orchid ascends bookstore to allege in a statement, stem from familial to Mandela esteem, will finish this book frame. Nevertheless they do not think the selection of subject of the book and content have a problem: Even if the hero is late,this book should reveal Mandela namely dusk, face death, still also showed courage and strength, do not have the meaning with irreverent a bit.

This book is fallen to wear make banned book, also caused collect heat. A reader stems from seek novelty psychology with 276 orchid special (add up to 21 dollars about) scare buying this book, very quickly the foreigner gives the 700 dollars high price of near 30 times to buy.

Familial to Mandela with the controversy that causes because of new book between the doctor, south Africa people opinionses vary. A reader that is called Nuo to think of Fu says, this book was full of evil gout, take dead old write an essay of the patient. Nevertheless also the people points out, this kind publishs the book of real story, he is exclusive in the writes Mandela book that just is tremendous amount of want to read. Since Mandela is public character, that was not necessary to conceal his years finally.

Original title: Doctor Mandela writes a book to announce before one's death secret laborious objects a book already issueing a responsibility to edit because of its family: Ji Wei dimension


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