India builds collapse 4 layers to already sent witness of 2 people death: Give out blare

In report will occupy new network on July 25 outside intermediary report, a 4 layer buildings produce Indian Bombay collapse, cause about 40 people to be stranded. At present already 13 people are rescued, 2 people die.

According to the report, after accident happening, 14 fire engine and ambulance are gone to by urgent clique the spot, in still coming to help at present.

It is reported, this architectural ground floor has a sanatorium, already was shut after accident happening.

An eyewitness says, blare was given out when the building collapses, sand and dust surrounded whole area.

Accordingly before report, chief of branch of local fire contr

ol expre

sses, rectify a 4 buildings collapse, about 30 be stranded to 40 people.


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