One China female tourist dies in sea of Thailand general Ji Zhui

Bangkok of China News Service female tourist of a China will be in report 27 days on July 27 sea of Thailand general Ji Zhui dies, police is investigating specific cause of death.

According to Thailand media coverage, ma of card of county of besmear of armour of general auspicious government office pulls a police station that day morning 11 when receive the people to sign up for counter scale, have a China female tourist is inadvertent from place cliff of some luxurious seaside villa drops into sea mile to die. After the staff member is arrived at, in the distance accident place makes an appointment with the maritime space of 5 sea mile, the dead (33 years old) salvage to disembark.

Police classics is preliminary check, there is many to handle cut on the dead’s body, specific cause of death needs further check.

Report, when police enters this luxurious seaside villa to investigate, male friend of the dead is frightening ground station is by the side of the Ju Yan that is as high as 10 meters. He discloses, their 15 people live in this inside villa, after breakfast passes, he is mixed with cummer additionally 3 friends take a picture to accident pl

ace. During, cummer is abrupt plantar glance, fall to gigantic cliff brim, immediately drops into sea mile. Ocean wave is huge at that time, they try to rescue however after all cannot.

According to the report, tourist of this batch of China heads for Pu Ji to travel at 25 days, and this dies female tourist is 26 days of ability follow come over, they go back to th

e motherland on 28 days formerly, produce this kind of tragedy unexpectedly however.


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