Russia denies the lawyer that sees small Telangpu and Russian government to concern: Do not know this person

To the United States " new York Times " expose to the sun the person such as small Donald Telangpu will interview the eldest son that gives American president Donald Telangpu last year in June alleged with Kremlin related Russia lawyer, russia just gives 10 days deny, government saying Russia does not understand this meeting situation, also not be clear that who this lawyer is.

Small Telangpu says " by flicker "

" new York Times " with adviser of the White House with 9 days 8 days etc insider is news source story to say, the in husband merchant De Kushenna of small Telangpu, Telangpu and his enter into an election contest allow to be in charge of Paul · Ma Nafu when the group special grade person is in, the Ni Ci in a place of strategic importance of Ya · dimension blocks the Russian lawyer Natalie that agree and matters with the Kremlin Ya meeting.

Right " new York Times " makings exposing to the sun, small Telangpu reachs 9 days 8 days to make a statement for two times response. His statement of 8 days says, this is " brief introductory sex meeting " , the very active, is abolished by Russia later United States family before they discussed a few years is foster Russia orphan project.

9 days, small Telangpu makes a statement again, disclose more detail, weigh oneself " by flicker " just attended meeting. Small Telangpu says, a friend that he knows on contest of round-the-world 2013 young lady tells him, lawyer of a Russia masters pair of Telangpu to enter into an election contest " helpful " information, hope and he meets. Before meeting, he does not know the name of this lawyer. After meeting, this lawyer

claims to master " aid financially committee of whole nation of the Democratic Party about couplet personage with Russia " information, but she " did not provide detail or prop up (of this one view) information " , thing " was clear about very quickly, she does not have significant information " .

Small Telangpu says, this lawyer changes the topic to foster and orphan project subsequently. He realizes, this ability is the other side want to talk " real topic for discussion " , "Conduce Telangpu enters into an election contest " it is cover only.

Small Telangpu says in statement, he tells each other, telangpu at that time is not service personnel, helpless to this, stopped the communication to this topic thereby. He still says, his father does not know this meeting.

Russia: Do not know who this lawyer is

Demiteli Peisikefu also is opposite secretary of Russian president news 10 days this makes a response, state Kremlin respect both neither knows this meeting, also do not meet this lawyer.

"We do not know who this lawyer is. We of course also cannot the circumstance of lawyer of witting domestic and international all Russia and other meeting, " Peisikefu says.

" new York Times " the report says, weisailinicikaya is Russia a persuasive talker, the client includes Russia to have enterprise and a son with curule government, among them because the enterprise manages a problem to accept investigation,latter is in the United States when afore-mentioned meeting happen.

And Weisailinicikaya and the American family that face place mentions small Telangpuhui are foster Russian orphan project is abolished, it is Russia square square to the United States " Mageniciji act " make step instead.

Russia lawyer Xie Er builds Ci gene of Buddhist nun of · horse case to suffer dodge a tax to accuse, was arrested by Russian police 2008, during detaining 2009, die at the detention

house. Presidential Beilake Aobama allows to signed what bind with problem of Russian human rights 2012 when the United States " act of equestrian case Ni Ciji " , 44 beauty just maintain punish to Ci Jizhi dies and encroach the Russian that human rights concerns with Ma Geni.

" new York Times " say, weisailinicikaya opposes this one bill of the United States, thrust untie a person is right the Russian's punish, this one footing and Russian government are consistent.

(primary problem is " Russia casts aside clear: The lawyer that sees small Telangpu and Russian government nonrelevant " )


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