Russian deputy minister of foreign affairs: New to Russia punish will harm American self interest

American Boule was passed before this about increasing the bill of pair of Russia and Korea punish, next the file should be discussed by senate, if get approving, will hand in sign by the president. According to Russian new company on July 25 message, is Xie Er of undersecretary of Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs built? Liyabukefu says to this comment, the United States carries out new punish to will harm its self interest to Russia.

Liyabukefu says: "Clearly, the politician of a lot of influential force of American, the assemblyman that includes Boule and senate among them people, go up in Russian-American relation according to act of a principle, namely ' it is bette

r to be jumped over bad ' . I think, come so, the behavior of these politicians will destroy American position and authority, will build piece ' the United States is the fluky associate that a behavior cannot expect ' figure. This will harm self interest of the United States finally. This will harm self interest of the United States finally..

At the same time he still says, russia has warned the consequence that the United States brings about place of new punish act for many times, did not return the foundation of this topic at present.

It is reported, once new punish act is passed, the likelihood is become scale is the largest since 2014 with the most comprehensive punish. The Kremlin expresses, hold very negative opinion to act, the one-sided that the European Union weighs to its are Washington acts in addition. This act still set the certain obligation of American president, if requirement president shifts to an earlier date with assemblyman people the measure that negotia

te any reducing or cancels punish. The limitative measure previously commands according to the president normally and the relevant command of American Ministry of finance is executed. (The exercitation edits: Jiang Yingxue goes over a manuscript or draft: Zhu Pei)


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