Annulus law fears high pressure issueing contest shortly France to arouse instead 23 thousand alarm force escorts the Emperor

[Wang Zhantao of reporter of exercitation of round-the-world network coverage] will report on June 27 according to Afp, cycle track is about to pull open annual annulus law heavy curtain, still be in fear instead " critical

condition " the France below will be devoted a large number of alarm force, safeguard match safety undertakes.

French Home Office announces to will arouse more than 13 thousand military police and 10 thousand police, the national military police that includes to be engaged in technically fearing an activity instead is especially diligent team (GIGN) member, come " the safety that ensures audience of along the line of 3540 kilometers circuit " .

Does annulus law surpass victim Xikelisidian? Pulvduomu thinks, the biggest safe risk comes from at road transportation. He reminds the 12 million audience beside circuit not to loosen safe vigilance because of enthusiasm. To be on guard horror makes a surprise attack, GIGN enters job of annulus law security the 2nd year continuously. Does military police spokesman block Li Na? Lerena says GIGN will be divided into the helicopter in ground circuit group and sky group, in order

to no matter be in city or country competion area,ensure can " take step with the rapiddest rate " .

The report still says, still will join first in security force ransack dog, the likelihood in searching a crowd technically puts the exploder that be in.


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