Beautiful intermediary: The green jade after popular day is held high this absurd next twin flowers are gigantic endowment build infantile house

In report will occupy new network on June 19 coverage of media of much home United States, green jade of singer of famous United States is held high this (Beyonc) was born smoothly in los angeles recently below one pair of twin, lu Aiwei of her female cloth of 5 years old of love (Blue Ivy) also

promote becomes little elder sister, green jade holds filar couple high the arrival of new to 2 life is very excited, had begun to share this good news with family and the closest friend.

The message says, the green jade after the day is held high this come out to be in early a few days ago be delivered of twin, and green jade is held high this father Liu Yi Si (Matthew Knowles) was being pushed that da

y in father’s day go up especially confirm say, they came eventually, wish twin birthday is happy.

It is reported, the message to prevent birth by exposure, green jade holds Si Fu Fu high two people package left a hospital 5 buildings are entire, still spent near 500 thousand dollar to make infantile room for Baby.

It is reported, somebody takes the person that taking lubricious balloon of red La Shuang outside the hospital that green jade holds silk high to be entered, there is the boy on the balloon with the girl, green jade is held high this what be born very likely is a pair of boy-girl twins, but new student sexual distinction is returned without the couple two confirm.

It is reported, green jade of 35 years old holds silk and marital Jay-Z high to be about to add twin at will affirming this year in Feburary, share pregnant to illuminate. We got times doubler blessing. Her P.S. . Our home will add two man, for this we are thankful extremely. Jay-Z complements.

There is media coverage before this, green jade is held high this doubt is like on June 12 or it is to will be delivered of the child on June 13, and when be pregnant same, any seeking advice from include the child sexual distinction, name and give unripe date to keep secret strictly.


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