Brussels railway station fears raiding maker to already died minatory grade will be not changed

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st of plum] will report on June 21 according to Russia satellite network, belgian " evening paper " (Le Soir) cite confederative procuratorate message weighs this country, the man that the railway station fears raiding in the center of production Brussels has died.

The report says, lamake of spokesman of management center of Belgian government crisis (Benoit Ramacker) says, the government is in this country the railway station explodes in the center of Brussels the decision after incident does not change horror to assault minatory grade, "Minatory grade maintains for ' 3 class ' , invariant " .

Late on June 20 local time, a man is in the center of Brussels the railway station detonates the exploder that carry, but did not cause personal casualty. The soldier that this man is come subsequently opens pop in. This incident by qualitative make a surprise attack for horror.


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