From penniless to 1 million plute bay twin sister imparts recipe of conduct financial transactions

In report will occupy new network on July 3 Australia network coverage, australia just followed family to emigrate to twin sister the in utter destitution when Australia, but the effort that passes oneself, they the asset of under one’s name has exceeded 5 million now bay yuan. Recently, this is right ” 1 million baby ” the recipe that told about their get rich to become rich.

According to the report, this year twin sister Mona of 31 years old (in Mona) and A (Sana Ali)15 follows parental immigrant Australia when year old, there are not any deposits in their home at that time. Nevertheless, go all out through hitting and invest, in Mona and A the asset of under one’s name has exceeded 5 million now bay yuan, and in

Sydney and Bulisi the class owns 8 place house property.

“Our decision-making it is clear and sturdy, till last year the end of the year, we won’t travel go vacationing, and the car that drive also is small case inferior car, ” Mona says, “During we invest, we won’t have a meal outside, although we know,meet in that way more relaxed save trouble. Although we know,meet in that way more relaxed save trouble..

The report says, be interested in house property in one’s childhood in Mona and A, immigrant comes after Australia, they plan to put money come down to buy the house that belongs to oneself. In 24 years old when, the deposit in Mona and A has been achieved 40 thousand bay yuan, next sister two bought two place house property with these money.

To make yield taller, the house that they buy is the price low but rental rate is high, it is OK to assured their yield so continual growth. Calling in after cost, new house property is bought with the money that earn again in Mona and A. 29 years old when, the asset in Mona and A adds up had had 5 million about bay yuan.

Now, twin sister had had his company, provide the service of guaranty and

loan technically to the person that buy a house first. They want buy job to those but the youth that did not start fund a few proposals: List a piece of your schedule of disbursement above all, the record lays month and weekly, every annual expense, see the Qian Ke that expenditure is buying product of mobile phone, electron, electric cost to go up deny investment to arrive on other thing next. You need to know what thing is you ” need ” and ” want ” , if do not spend those money,decide you are OK again next will what do with them.


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