General Beijing talks about Russian-American relation: Put in improvement to hope from beginning to end in Telangpurennei

Login register Beijing of general of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to talk about Russian-American relation: Put in improvement from beginning to end in Telangpurennei hope origin: ? Be not Nao?2017-06-16 20:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

Beijing of Russia president general spoke of a series of problems such as condition of Syrian problem, Wu Kelan and Russian-American relation when accepting the United States to direct Stone to interview. In refer when Russian-American relation, general Beijing expresses, russian-American relation gets in Telangpurennei ameliorative hope still exists.

Occupy Russian new company 16 days to report, stone asks general whether Beijing hopes to improve a relation in Telangpurennei. General Beijing answer says: In us be buried is how previously, the hope exists from beginning to end.

General Beijing still says, russia and United States should turn over the one page with two countries new concern, should establish a relationship.

Meanwhile, general Beijing still expresses, russia just expects as safe as branch of American the State Council, information and country of the White House committee establishs materiality dialogue.

General Beijing says: I return a hope, we can find the place that understands each other. We need the branch such as branch of as square as the United States the State Council, information and national safety commission to establish materiality dialogue. It is insufficient that our both sides publishs outgiving only. We hope to hear the United States now side argument, not be to be on media, it is however in constructive professional dialogue.

" general Beijing interview is recorded " film last a period of time two years, in all 4 collect, be in the United States to 15 days from June 12 playtime channel (Showtime) broadcasts. Russia will be in at will coming 22 days on June 19 " the first channel " (1TV) broadcasts this newsreel. [round-the-world net reports reporter Zhu Pei]

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