Germany 11 one high-rise are pointed to outside wall material has safe hidden trouble scattered dweller

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de intermediary report, after fire of building of tower of Lan Fei of British London case is tragic, german authorities 27 days because hidden danger of fire control safety is scattered western tower of urban black handkerchief dweller of architectural of apartment of a high level.

The Gelanfeida that claims 79 human life in estimation (after massacre of Grenfell Tower) conflagration, wupada (Wuppertal) authorities shows, they undertake fire control safety is checked, the building insulation material that discovers a building is 11 tall provides flammability character.

Ike of spokesman of authorities of black handkerchief tower graceful (Martina Eckermann) expresses: Our expert reachs conclusion in this case, these acting 1960 laid, material is the insulation of wood fibre to material is flammability character and may create risk character. She still says, the stair of this building is very difficult also pass in and out.

She expresses, but still not be clear that whether the insulation material of this building is similar to Gelanfeida character at present outside wall material is qualitative. Think generally commonly, gelanfeida is flammable outside wall material is character on June 14 the reason of conflagration grow like a weed.

Authorities was arranged for the dweller of this block temporarily abode, move character till the insulation capable person that has safe hidden trouble the ability after dividing comes home.

After incident of fire of Ge Lanfei tower, authoriti

es from London many apartment is scattered thousands of dweller.


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