Indonesian discuss again " move the capital to another place " thing Jakarta still is finance and mart

Jakarta of China News Service on July 6 report (reporter Lin Yongchuan) come a few days when after part of resume a meat diet grows a holiday, go to work, the Indonesian article media of Jakarta, China article media, English media, newspaper, TV, network is reporting Indonesian " move the capital to another place plans " , the branch is curule related the government also express opinion and view in different situation.

Indonesian country develops Pang Bang of program ministry minister 3 days to say, already discussed the specific plan with migratory capital with presidential Zun Ke. This minister that administer nation development plans says, indonesian capital is migrato

ry plan, the feasibility that includes financing plan considers to will be finished inside this year, next will 2018 or began to have the relevant activity with administration administration migratory center 2019.

Pang Bang did not define the specific detail that includes the move the capital to another place such as new capital optional location. He states the government needs time 34 years to complete the infrastructure construction of new capital only.

Pang Bang says, presidential government office and administration office building will be built in new capital, and Jakarta will maintain for financial center and mart.

Indonesian and public project and Basuji of civilian house minister say 5 days in Jakarta, reason of move the capital to another place is to want an economic center and cent of governmental administration center to be two cities, be like American Washington and new York.

Ba Suji says, the thing of concerned move the capital to another place is confined to at present discuss, next year the likelihood should begin the design of program of new capital city.

Indonesian land and Suofeian of dimensional program minister also express, migratory plan still is in the capital at present preliminary research phase. With respect to the problem of new capital optional location of the most fetching attention, he says 4 days in Jakarta, besides Jialimandan the island is mid city outside Palangkalaya, the government also is searching another locations.

Go up century 50 time, sujianuo

of president of Indonesian the first to be appointed to an office ever put forward the Palangkalaya that the Jialimandan in going to capital change saves.

With respect to the optional location topic for discussion of new capital, indonesian congress vice-chairman Faheli (the view that Fahri Hamzah)4 day offers to differ, he says but Jakarta and periphery a few cities are united in wedlock metropolitan, the change outside administrative center, discussing as the government " move the capital to another place plans " replacement scheme.

And the Zun Ke that regards this topic for discussion as decision-making head, have not be opposite up to now " move the capital to another place " express an opinion. He is asked about 4 days to say when this matter during attending an activity, can be in proper when make a specification. (Be over)


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