Korea launchs the country such as beautiful day of long-range rocket Han to respond to this morning

[red of Yuan of Guo of reporter of round-the-world times report] report of integrated dispatches from foreign news agency, 7 days, spokesman of Korea department of defense says, korea local time in the morning 9 when (Beijing ti

me in the morning 8:30) controlled emissive field of the missile in Cong Dongcang to fire long-range rocket. The eye early-warning plane of peace of Han air force takes the lead in exploring face to shoot guide. One class rocket and rectification cover are like the long-range missile that dispatches from foreign news agency weighs to face blasts off detached success, propeller of one class rocket drops into the peninsula western maritime space, local time 9 when 06 minutes (Beijing time 8 when 36 minutes) disappear from radar. Japanese broadcast association (NHK) says, the debris after the rocket blasts off 14 minutes falls to be apart from a peninsula the Yellow Sea of 250 kilometers, day did not take action try the rocket of county of Okinawa of down flying classics.

Conference of security of home of found a state of urgent call together discusses Korea president Piao Jinhui should shoot to face guide plan

. Han not official of sign one's name is accepted when interviewing, say, han Ministry of Foreign Affairs already indicated Han permanent U.N. to request Security Council on behalf of the ministry urgent to sit a meeting answers face to shoot guide. Han government says, han Zheng blasts off to whether succeed toward missile certainly hard. Beautiful colonel of 6 talks Han communicates discuss face to shoot guide problem. Diplomatic message personage says, beautiful day Han requests Security Council to hold urgent meeting.

Lai Si of assistant of work of security of American president state makes a statement say, face nucleus guides the project is opposite beautiful interest and beautiful ally safety constitute serious menace, destroy area peace and safety. Beautiful Secretary of State reiterates pair of day Han matters pertaining to defense are affirmatory in the gram, state United States general and Security Council add up to oppose face to take major move. Official of beautiful department of defense says, the United States just confirms monitor face missile to launch an activity, preliminary indication shows have not constitute menace to the United States and its ally. Beautiful strategy headquarters says, monitor face missile to enter deep space.

Japanese premier brings times advance 3 say, disobey U.N. Security Council apparently toward emissive behavior relevant resolution, absolutely flagrant. Day general cooperates to answer face to shoot stoutly with international society guide behavior, take action protective countryman safety and happiness and benefit. Cabinet officer room is magisterial inside day Jian Yiwei says on the press conference, browbeat badly toward emissive behavior international peace and safety, install times premier to already indicated ministerial member to adopt a possible step to prevent any thing happening that cannot foreknow. At present judgement falls in day territory without rocket debris.


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