Photograph of convict of cruel of ten years of public shares is lain between to be pointed to to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial when the U.S. Army (graph)

Login is photograph of convict of cruel of ten years of public shares lain between to be pointed to to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial when registering U.S. Army of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian (graph) origin: ? Salary  ㄑ crosses?2016-02-07 13:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

In American citizen freedom allied requirement falls, american department of defense procrastinated ten years, be in eventually 5 days are made public this month be stationed in Iraqi He Afu the photograph that sweat U.S. Army mistreats convict, and just among them one fraction plot is smaller.

To the Pentagon this is planted the perfunctory practice that avoid the important and dwell on the trivial, organization of this human rights expresses intense dissatisfaction, the requirement makes public overall picture according to the facts, to the public one is explained.

[make public optionally]

Altogether made public American department of defense that day 198 pieces in photograph of convict of about 2000 pieces of cruel, it is the close-up of pair of victim arm and ham part for the most part among them, majority is silt blueness, red, cut the skin injury such as mark.

American department of defense says, these photographs film came 2004 2006, the crime that comes from dereliction of duty of accusation U.S. Army 56 cases investigates record, among them 14 be convictioned, additionally 42 did not obtain a blame. U.S. Army altogether penalized officers and soldiers of 65 experience case, among them at least one person is sentenced life imprisonment.

Publish a photograph this, be not American department of defense to stung by conscience, want actively to announce, answer however the requirement with American citizen allied freedom. 2004, u.S. Army soldier predicts a jail to mistreat the photograph exposure of Iraqi convict in pattern of Iraqi A cloth, stun the world. This organization then with ” information freedom way ” for the basis, demand government publishs relevant photograph.

After American president

Aobama appears on the stage, it is promise published these photographs 2009 first, go back on his word again later, congress of incite sb to do sth passes bill, make the department of defense obtains immunity. According to American government the view at that time, photograph of open cruel convict returns encourage beautiful mood, officers and soldiers of meeting buy front at more hazardous condition, and endanger national security.

Carter will maintain American defense minister last year in November, cruel convict photograph has not accorded with afore-mentioned views 198 pieces medium, can be made public. Then, after ten years, the department of defen

se this ability not affection does not wish the ground published these photographs.

[must make public! ]

Washington the Pentagon. (picture origin: New China / the law is new)

Gumilejiafaer of vice director of department of law of alliance of American citizen freedom makes a statement 5 days later on the response says, the department of defense is early should publish these photographs, make public not quite still now, must make public entirely!

Addition Er says: Those return the photograph in conceal is the best evidence of the incident of serious cruel convict that the U.S. Army detains central happening. The open photograph with alternative government, hold easy misdirect community, make them wrong to the serious degree of incident be known by accident.

British media discloses before this, the photograph that has not publish is involved came 2001 happen in Abugelibo between 2005 jail and other the case of 400 cruel convict inside 6 jails, include U.S. Army soldier to be opposite among them the photograph that jail convict predicts to carry out rape and sex to encroach in pattern of Iraqi A cloth.

England ” daily telecommunications signs up for ” report, these cruel convict are illuminated in female to convict carries out soldier of at least one piece of indication U.S. Army rape. Executive sex of the person that the photograph still includes interpreter of an U.S. Army to rape guard of a male convict, U.S. Army to use billy, electrical wiring and phosphorescence canal to wait for pair of be in custody is encroached, force female convict to strip off the content such as jacket.

Iraq predicts a jail in A cloth pattern, convict of U.S. Army cruel.

In April 2004, media first exposure the photograph that U.S. Army soldier predicts a jail to mistreat convict in pattern of Iraqi A cloth. After a month, the cruel convict scandal that is stationed in Afghan U.S. Army also is exposed to the sun to go out by media. After this, the U.S. Army that be stationed in Yi and the cruel convict scandal that are stationed in A Meijun are disclosed for many times again.

In July 2004, a findings report that American army publishs says, discovered the incident that is stationed in Iraq and soldier of Afghan U.S. Army to mistreat captive 94 cases in all. Of the same age December, a few files that American army announces show, the not only and average soldier of convict is mistreated in Iraq and Afghanistan, also have special type soldier, their act wildly against law and public opinion includes to use the convict of dynamoelectric gun stroke, motion that gives convict to wear shackles, do not eat and drink to them etc. 2006, the report that American the Pentagon publishs shows, army of American special type uses privative Morpheus in Iraq and Afghanistan, broadcast noise and unrig wait for a method to undertake interrogating to convict. Be aimed at incident of convict of U.S. Army cruel, american army undertook 600 multinomial criminal are investigated, 200 much people get accordingly punish. (reporter Wang Hongbin, edit Li Hong, did not tag a picture to come from Internet, client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story)

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