Crash of the Nepalese plane that break couplet 23 people die entirely debris already was found

Nepalese police says, a small-sized plane is in 24 days Nepalese mid break couplet. According to Afp message, the debris of the plane that break couplet has been found, on machine 23 people die entirely, include two children. There are passenger of book of a China and passenger of a Kuwait book on machine, the

others all is Nepalese.

Relevant report

There is citizen of a China on Nepalese crash plane is female of Hong Kong book

New capital signs up for dispatch 24 days, nepalese a small plane that holds 21 people is in a mountainous area be missing, the flight that when be being carried out originally, grows 18 minutes. China is stationed in ministry of Nepalese embassy consul the staff member expresses to reporter of new capital newspaper, there is a Chinese on machine, for lady of book of Chinese Hong Kong, still not be clear that its are current state.

According to the report, this wearing plane is fly to Mu of eminent Mu all alone from Nepalese Bokala, track descends without the plane between two ground. Plane place belongs to spokesman of airline Tara Air to say, the plane takes off from Bokala, couplet is broken after 8 minutes. On machine in all 21 passengers, include 18 passengers, 3 sky take staff. The console in sky gave takeoff ground to allow the instruction that take off, the weather of the land of one province or county enlosed by that of another since at that time and destination all good.

Current, nepalese respect has expedited 3 helicopter to undertake searching, we had been checked with respect of Chinese Hong Kong after receiving passenger information, at present the state awaits this lady even Nepalese respect message, still do not have personal casualty circumstance and message of the place that break couplet at present.

China is stationed in Nepalese embassy consul the staff member represents the department, whole range is not long, the visibility when taking off 5 kilometers, this is pretty good still, the plane breaks couplet reason to still be in further investigation. Losing couplet plane as we have learned just was bought last year, newer.

The plane that break couplet is double otter, plane of this kind of model is business uses very small civil aviaton machine, this type can descend in asphalt, slimy ground, surface, beach, on snow ground or glacial ground, suit extremely the airliner between belt, high height above sea level and intertropical islands.

Nepalese establish a country in order to go sightseeing, but in recent years plane accident frequency is sent, the middle ten days of a month arrived in May 2013 at the beginning of June, nepalese produce accident of small plane safety 3 cases continuously. Start armed struggle among them in reason, the plane also is double otter, the accident causes on machine 20 much people to get hurt entirely.

Link: Why be Nepalese should take small plane?

Above of 3/4 of Nepalese land area is a mountainous area, sit long-distance car is very time-consuming, a lot of places connect highway far from even, by small plane the journey avoids very hard. Every time Nepalese happening when great aviation is catastrophic, accomplishment of technology of Nepalese air man, plane q

uality and safeguard a problem to be able to denounce by the person. In addition, equipment of condition of abominable geography, climate, bad technology also becomes target be censuringed.

It is reported, be in Nepalese out-of-the-way and a mountainous area airport, lack significant meteorological phenomena to forecast mechanism and equipment of other and corresponding technology. Leishenwodapa says expert of Nepalese civil aviaton, if install the corresponding establishment that forecast and evaluates weather, cloud layer, can going up somehow reduce accident happening.

Hemanda also points out the civil aviaton expert that often publishs a comment on Nepalese newspaper, because infrastructure is lacked, deplane in Nepalese countryside the plane falls since field, it is very big challenge really to air man.

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