Indonesian show a woman driver of special autocycle taxi software wears pink jacket

According to India Xin Deli TV station reported on January 4, be in of late street of Indonesian capital Jakarta, service of taxi of female autocycle driver was become in having a wagon flow together beautiful beautiful scenery line. The female is special autocycle taxi software is here gradually arisen.

Was in last year Indonesian, burgeoning autocycle taxi calls car service to be like the emerge in large numbers like emerge. To traffic of this one whole world most congested area, the middle class crowd that multifarious autocycle expands increasingly for home by car service provided more medium of communication that take a car.

The report expresses, regard devout Muslim as the country, all the time since Indonesian female takes car security the question is extensive get attention. A series of the report shows, the female is in when taking vehicle, often be caused menace to its safety even by the ado of male autocycle driver. Adeliyani regards autocycle as one of author of OjekSyari of rental service company, express when accepting Afp to interview: In Indonesian home, commit a crime to annoy the big city that rate house does not leave high with the gender especially, the female is special the demand that has by lathe work is very big. Accordingly, began a few taxi services to begin employ woman driver 2015.

OjeksSyari, abbreviation "Ojesy" , the taxi that is Indonesian home popularity serves a company, aim to provide autocycle taxi service for female user. Its special place depends on, the driver must be Moslem female, ask the chauffeuse adorns babushka and the dress with comfortable dress. Current, the user can be passed only call or send a short message these two ways take a taxi, but the applied process of this service has been developed and check at undertaking this month. The female autocycle taxi of other be current serves a company to still include LadyJek, its woman driver unites dress pink jacket and adorn pink helmet.

The report says, although the price is a bit expensive,special taxi serves these women, but have more strict safety precaution however. For example LadyJek application, be browbeaten when woman driver or place onesel

f at dangerous environment is medium, can activation the urgent warning apparatus in safe setting in order to protect oneself security, and Ojesy and Sister-Ojek also only days moves.

Besides, these services still are Moslem housewife offer a part-time job to work with the undergraduate, join them in order to encourage more woman drivers.

The Moslem that is 38 years old is housewife EndangKartini is engaged in pluralistic driver working in Ojesy, she states the part-time job lets her additional spare cash buys cosmetic, still can give children more pin money. She says: Besides the job, I still have time to attend Moslem to pray activity.


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