Large-scale sex invades Germany newest progress: Mayor proposal and stranger " the Yao of one arm "

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After German division grand produces large-scale sex to approach incident, division grand mayor suggested the female should maintain the far distance that carries one arm with stranger on January 5. This one opinion on public affairs caused a netizen to be discussed in the heat on gregarious network. On the other hand, german police affirmed 4 suspects at present. German premier Mokeer is already right this one mawkish assault expressed anger. Germany is municipal ministerial Tuomasidemaiqiai with respect to this one problem, processing of police of sharp criticism Germany is undeserved.

Large-scale sex invades incident exposure female to be on street to express to protest

Maintain the Yao of one arm with stranger

A few days ago, exposure of city of German division grand the large-scale sex that happens around central railway station at New Year night before last together approachs incident. After the accident, mayor of German division grand offerred a few proposals with respect to female ego protection, among them when one suggests to be in large activity is held, the female should maintain the far distance of one arm with stranger.

According to " Washington Post " report, the mayor Leikeer that division Long Xin is elected as (Henriette Reker) express on the press conference, always be apart from far with what one arm carries between stranger is the person that the person that should assure what be necessary to he do not want and be not known that is to say and you and the other side concern without accredit the distance is too close.

In addition, she expresses when reiterating this one proposal. The female also answers well-advised do not encounter with each you, look genial person to embrace. This of one offer to may cause misunderstanding, but this circumstance of one is each woman and girl should protect her to be far from.

CNN points out, division grand mayor second opinion on public affairs is it seems that in add fuel to the flames. And the extensive heat that her opinion on public affairs also caused a netizen on the network is discussed. The netizen is being pushed went up to still appear especially #einearmlaenge (the Yao of one arm of # ) topic label. A lot of netizens think its suggest is the attack to the victim.

The netizen expresses, confront the criminal that carries lethal weapon, is the Yao of one arm useful? Still the netizen says groovy way, my arm is short, can very be in an unfavorable situation?

Mass of division of sea of German attorney general (Heiko Maas) publish push express especially, I think to want the proposal not up to much that how does to what the female puts forward, for instance the Yao of one arm of # . The female does not need to be in charge of this, however do violence person.

Nevertheless, according to CNN report, thunder overcomes Er after this to make an explanation to this, the precautionary measures that states the report that is media became her to man-made is confined to to the female small stick person impression, but the fact is not such. She expresses, what local government takes the lead in considering of course is how to be strengthened right street the improvement with urban safety.

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